Koh Adang – Between serenity & the beautiful nature

Many islands remain untouched or very little frequented. To the delight of some who seek relaxation and serenity without too much crowd and party during their visit to the Thai territory. Heads up introverts and nature lovers! – Come and discover Koh Adang with us.

Located in the heart of the famous national park of Koh Tarutao

Koh Adang, calm after the storm

The calmness of this island is surprising because it is only 2 km from Koh Lipe, the latter being famous for its incessant activity. In contrast to this real anthill, Koh Adang stands out as a destination of the most exotic.

Bungalows, tents & no running water

Back to nature. No hotel was built on the area. So, if you want to sleep on the spot, it is necessary to accept a small lack of comfort. Beware of no running water that could play tricks on those who have not planned enough water. It is very easy to get organized with the ranger (s) watching over the place in order to find the accommodation that will suit you best on the spot.

On-site activities

The island is small, and there is little on site. But that’s what makes it so charming. The many walks will delight you and the forest of Koh Adang hides beautiful corners. It’s up to you to discover them! Otherwise, lovers of the “slow-life” lifestyle and spending afternoons on the beach, will be delighted by the lack of tourist and calm prevailing on the side of fine sand. Lastly, if you love snorkelling and diving, consider taking the necessary equipment. You will not shoot it on the spot and it would be a shame to miss such extraordinary seabed…

How to get to Koh Adang?


The most effective solution is the taxi boat that will take you to destination for a few bahts from Koh Lipe. It is also possible to rent kayaks to get to the strength of one’s arms on the paradise island.

To know:

The entrance to this beach will cost 200 THB, the price of entry into the national park of Koh Tarutao if you have not already paid the amount in advance.

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