Invest in Thailand – Step to Process

The acquisition of a real estate property in Thailand is interesting you but you are asking yourself some questions about the process to follow? We are here to help you. Here are the 6 key-steps to guarantee the success of your investment!


1st Step – Get some information about the real estate market in Thailand.

Before all, find out about Thailand and its real estate market. Articles, conferences and events will be excellent information sources to give you a sample of real estate in Thailand.



2nd Step – Define your real objective about this purchase.


A real estate purchase has to be a well-thought out act that cannot be improvised, especially abroad. Either a rental property investment either a project to prepare your retirement, you have to ask yourself the good questions. To well-defined, your project and its coherence is a must-do to success your investment.


Select the kind of investment that matches your waits:

  • Rental?
  • Retirement?
  • Expatriation?
  • Vacations?


Select the kind of property that matches your waits:


3rd Step – Choose the ideal location for your investment.

Once your objective is clearer, start to target the geographic zones that suit you the most. In the real estate professionals’ jargon, the purchase has to follow 3 golden rules; the location, the location and the location!

Therefore, it is essential to get as much information as possible about it, but also about the infrastructures, the transports and the services offered by the district or the city that interests you. For example, if you wish the main residence or secondary one, you will choose a destination you like; whereas if it is in an investment purpose, a touristic place should probably be more accurate for your project.


Why wouldn’t you invest in one of the 6 most attractive regions in Thailand?


Chiang Mai

Hua Hin




4th Step – Set up the budget for your investment.

Once you will have clearly define the purpose of your investment and that you will have select one or several destinations, you will have to wonder about the budget. Several questions can be asked then:


  • What is the maximum you wish to invest?
  • How much money do you currently have?
  • Are you planning on using a financing solution?
  • Are you ready to pay 100% of the sum upfront or do you prefer to buy a property proposing payment plans?


Following the kind of properties researched, the conditions can vary a lot. Indeed, in the case of a resale of a property already built up, it will usually be asked to pay the total sum of the property in question whereas, in the case of a residence in construction, the payments are generally split into several months or years until the real estate property delivery.


You will also have to take into consideration the change rates’ fluctuations that can bring you a considerable advantage if the transfers are done at the right time.


5th Step – Do a preselection of properties and contact a real estate agency.

Now that you know where you want to buy your property and how much you are ready to invest, you can start looking at the offers available on the market. If your knowledge about the real estate market in Thailand and the legislation are limited, do not hesitate to go through a real estate agency in Thailand. The acquisition of a property is no easy task, so better get guided by market professionals in your project construction in order to avoid all problems and frauds and to assure yourself a good investment.

Link “To go through a real estate agency”


Entrust your project to a trusted agency! Among the real estate agencies present in Thailand, Company  Vauban became a real estate reference thanks to its 10 years of experience and its leadership position in the local market.


6th Step – Start the purchase process.

Once you have selected a trusted agency, this one can go with you through the necessary steps and will guide you through the large choice of offers in order to find the property that matches your needs and waits.


2 options are possible then:


  • Take an appointment on the spot – by going on site, you will be able to collect information directly there, to visit the properties by yourself as well as to take advantage of this trip to discover the customs and the living mode in Thailand.


  • Buy your property remotely – who said it is impossible to buy a property remotely? Thanks to the new technologies and stuff, we do not absolutely need to be present physically anymore! Detailed plans, videos, photos, all the ways possible are given to you to make your decision making the process easier as well as a potential signature remotely.



So if real estate investment in Thailand is a project that ticks over your mind, stop tormenting yourself and do not hesitate to contact us or to take a look at the other articles of our website for more information!


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