10 Projects Which Will Make Bangkok Be “THE Place To Be”!


The city of Bangkok has considerably modernized itself for the last 20 years and prepares its close future with urban development projects which will help the Thai capital to impose itself in the business world as an unmissable megalopolis in Asia. Here are 10 projects which are going to make Bangkok be – within 5 years – THE Place To Be!

The New Vertiginous Real Estate Project of Bangkok

This district is about to become the biggest multi-functions development of Thailand. The purpose is to attract ASEAN high-ranged local and multinational companies so they can set their headquarters in the future most prestigious business district of Bangkok.

The terrain of 166 00 sm will comprise several districts, 5 luxury hotels, 5 office towers, 3 super-luxurious condominiums, several art and culture infrastructures and 80 000 sm of green spaces. 60 000 people will be able to work and live in.

Project Price – 3 Billion €

… which is 6 times more than the MahaNakhon Tower – the highest of Thailand.


To affirm Bangkok’s place as one of the business capitals of Southeast Asia.

A 20 Billion Bahts Project in the Heart of Bangkok

The project will cover 4 hectares and will incorporate buildings with super modern offices, a hotel and lots of shops. The Parq will be connected to the actual exposition parc Queen Sirikit National Convention Center because it aims at attracting big international groups.

The working spaces will allow the companies to create a sane global environment which will be reinforced by the proximity of the Benjakitti Parc of 70 hectares.

Project Price – 515 MMillion€


To confirm Bangkok as a unique investment hub in Asia.

The Immoderate Project of Bangkok

The Bangkok Observation Tower will become one of the highest skyscrapers of Thailand, with its 459 m – so 145 m more than the MahaNakhon Tower.

This project will be located along the Chao Phraya river, in the Khlong San district, famous for its modern art galleries, its design stores, its luxury hotels and its sophisticated bars.

The Gold Line Monorail line,2.7 km long will run along the Chao Phraya river towards the North and will serve 4 stations. This project of over 2 Billions THB aims at facilitating the access to this district.

Project Price – 104 Million €


To strengthen Bangkok as the nerve centre of tourism worldwide.

The Modernist Icon Is Reborn After 48 Years of Service

The current year will follow the new Dusit Thani Group project whose plans are not given yet. Bangkok will also see the official closure of one of its modernist historic buildings in April 2018. This giant will be demolished, then re-developed in 2019 to hand over to a diverse complex.

This complex will be very diverse – renovated hotel, service apartments, offices, sale zones and also green spaces. The group insisted on the fact that it is not a closure, but a reconstruction. We should discover more very soon.

Project Price – 955 Million €


To carry on the constant renewal of Bangkok.

The Future Insane Real Estate Project of Bangkok

This skyscraper is under construction in Bangkok, on the super busy Rama IX Road, and is named after Rama IX King (1927-2016). This giant should see the light in 2021, after 3 years of dogged work. It will be composed of a six stars hotel, luxurious restaurants as well as 24/24 open offices, and all of that for a total surface of 320 000 sqm.

125 floors, 260 rooms and 615 m – so 301 m more than the MahaNakhon Tower.  The Rama IX Super Tower will become the country’s highest skyscraper, the ASEAN’s and will be among the highest ones of the world.

Project Price – 440 Million €


To develop a new Business Center in the centre of Bangkok with Asia’s highest tower.

When the Best of Thailand Meets the Best of the World

Icon Siam is a sensational development – 2 residential condominiums buildings of international standard Magnolias Waterfront Residences and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental – and 2 retail complexes that are among the most elegant of the worldIconSiam and IconLuxe.

This complex will be all-in-one on more than 750 000 sqm where you will be able to do shopping but also live. Among its activities: access to the river, high-ranged entertainment spaces, auditorium and cineplex, restaurant three stars Michelin and the IconSiam Heritage Museum – a temple for modern art, historic objects and travels exhibitions from all over the world.

The unique architecture is inspired by the cultural values and the beliefs attached to the Chao Phraya river, and the shape ingeniously suggests a Thai dress.

Project Price – 42 Million €


To assemble Thai people and Thailand lovers to create an eternal prosperity icon.

The 3rd and Last Project of the Big EM District Will Be the Most Ambitious One

EMSphere is the 4th ultra luxurious commercial centre with Siam Paragon, Emporium and EmQuartier. This project concerns more than 600 000 sqm and underlines the eccentric and urban sides of the Thai capital – density, complexity and discovery.

The global theme will be more about the luxury fashion, the trendy brands and the high-ranged restaurants’and universes. The principal purpose is to attract the rich foreigners and to make an attraction and a renowned touristic destination from it.

Project Price – 183 Million €



To reply to a luxury demand always increasing in Thailand.

From 45 Millions to 90 Million of visitors?

The international Suvarnabhumi airport is concerned by expansion projects each year bigger with the number of passengers that do not stop increasing year per year. The phase 3 of this expansion is the most important of the process.

These expansion plans could conduct to the building extension of 60 000 sqm already existing as well as the construction of a new runway and a new terminal of 4 floors of 216 000 sqm reserved for Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways which construction is planned for 2019.

Project Price – 1,5 Billion €


To follow the tourism tendency in Bangkok that does not stop increasing.

The New Railway Hub of Thailand

This project is probably the one which will cause the more impacts on Bangkok. This new train station will be located in Chatuchak and will become the largest station in Southeast Asia with its 26 600 m long platforms and its 264 381 sqm of the total surface.

The 35 hectares around the station will be developed as a commercial hub. Moreover, the surrounding district tends to become more attractive for new businesses and opportunities thanks to the high potential of future growth and to its central location among the transportation networks of Bangkok.

Project Price – 91,5 Million €


Make of Bang Sue Grand Central Station the ASEAN’s biggest train station.

A Largest Network than New-York and London Ones

The transportation development within Bangkok is planned step by step. In order to facilitate the access to all Bangkok, a total of 555 km has already been planned through the city. Once this project realised, the network would be larger than New-York and London ones.

The series metro line should also keep going on its expansion in order to give to the visitors an easy access to the most popular temps of Bangkok but also to the buildings such as the Observation Tower or else the Gran Rama IX Tower.

Project Price – 3,5 Billion €


To reply to the exponential demand for transportation in Bangkok.

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