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4 Key Steps to Find an Accommodation in Thailand

You are going to (finally) take the plunge and move to Thailand? Well, outside the dream, the perfect climate, the warm people and the incredible culture is the question of the accommodation. Here, we are giving you some primordial tips to find your future cozy place in the Kingdom of Siam!



  1. Thailand, it is pretty wide … What will be my destination?

Start by targeting geographic zones that suit you better. It is essential to seek information about the location itself, but also about the infrastructures, the transportation and the services that offers the district or the city which interests you.


Might be one of the six most attractive cities of the Kingdom of Siam?  



It depends on YOU. If you do have a strong temperament and an irrepressible need to live on an environment that moves every day, we couldn’t advise you better that the city that never sleeps – Bangkok. However, if you are more on the calm side who adores the traditional Thailand and all its history, the Rose of the North which is a true cultural center would be perfect for you – Chiang Mai.



And what about you, About Thailand Living Team? If you had to describe each city with 5 words, what would you say?

No worries! To help you a little bit, we gathered the principal key words which define each of these cities. Maybe you will find some that will make you think about yourself on those ones?

Bangkok – movement, megalopolis, dynamism, duality (btw modernism and tradition), attractivity

Chiang Mai – culture, authenticity, relax, nature, mystic

Hua Hin – beach, family, charm, fishing, tranquillity

Samui – beach, nightlife, diving, markets, dream landscapes

Pattaya -nightlife, beach, water sports, ambiance, markets

Phuket – beach, paradis, sun, islands, diving



  1. So many options … What kind of accommodation?

Many different kinds of accommodations exist in Thailand. Among condos, villas or residences, we don’t really know where or what to look at. But even if they all have their advantages, there is OBVIOUSLY one that suits you more than the others. Follow the guide to discover each one of them!


The CONDOMINIUMS will seduce you …

A condominium – or condo – is a mix of apartments in a building with common spaces. They can be more or less modern following your own taste and offer – most of them – services that people love – swimming pool, gym, security 24/7, techniciens, caretakers, etc … Oh, and they often are fully furnished!



They obviously depend on your expectations and your budget. The design, the furnitures, the services offered and the surface vary a lot from a condo to another. Therefore, you have to visit several of them to find THE gem that will seduce you completely. 😏


You will be pleased by the HOTEL RESIDENCES

Also called tourism residences, they are for seasonal rentals and offers hotel services. It is similar that being on an apartment or a villa, but with all the services that a hotel proposes – reception, reservation, concierge service, cleaning, maintenance, security, etc … !



We also find there all your favorite services such as – swimming pool, gym, reception and security 24/7, private parking, concierge service, restaurants, maintenance, etc … You can live there for a while, or even buy them!


The HOUSES will thrill you …

If you wish to stay a time lapse relatively long and you are missing space, the houses are made for you! Moreover, a lot of ranges is available, in the cities as well as close to beaches, islands and countrysides.



Some of them can be in “co ownership”, which includes lots of services just like the condominiums and hotel residences. And, space and privacy are obviously here …


The VILLAS will charm you …

The villas have all the houses’ characteristics given previously but … (much) more luxurious!




  1. Several months or several years … To rent or to buy?

Once your project is a little bit clearer about the city you prefer, the kind of accommodation you are looking for, the services or the facilities you wish – how many rooms, how many bathrooms, swimming pool or not, etc … you can move forward to the next step and think about the situation and if you are more in a short or long term side – purchase or rental.



It is probably more for a long term project, let it be for today or in some years. Here, we give you the GOs for purchase:

  • It is truly possible to rent your accommodation to other people during the periods you won’t be here or during the first years of your purchase if you wish to move in later.
  • The thai market has a good perspective of valorisation for medium and long terms.
  • The prices in Thailand are affordable and the real estate units are attractive.
  • Better be an owner than paying a rent each month!
  • The real estate in Thailand is low taxed, it is!



You are not 100 % sure, or at least not enough to directly buy. Maybe the rental could suit you more. Some MUST KNOW points about rental, here:

  • Most of the contracts are for one year, a few owners only agree to rent for short periods for obvious reasons of security and comfort.
  • The contracts for less than a year are – of course – possible, either is adapted residences, either by paying a rent a bit more expensive – 1000 or 2000 THB more.
  • The units are often fully furnished with equipped kitchen, etc …
  • All the services are included such as: swimming pool, gym, security etc …
  • Commodities are often nearby such as: laundry, maintenance, reception, etc …



  1. Starting being serious … Maybe we could be guided or helped?

YES! You can, obviously, get helped for your process. Actually, getting guided by a specialised agency won’t cost you anything, because in Thailand, real estate agencies are paid by the sellers and owners. Therefore, there is NO agency fees.


Professionals choose to specialize in helping expat people et it is the case of Company Vauban. With a great knowledge of the real estate market in Thailand and more than 10 years of experience, Vauban offers a diversified service thanks to its multilingual team – French, English, Thai, Chinese, Russian, etc … They imposed themselves as a leader on the real estate field, helping each year more and more clients.


Here are some key points of Company Vauban :

  • Vauban offers you a selection of apartments or other kinds of units according to your expectations – localisation, budget, needs, etc …
  • Vauban is guiding you on set for all your administrative process.
  • Vauban assures you a follow-up by doing the intermediary between you and the seller or owner and by defending your interests above all.


TIP: For your move, the AGS Group has been selected by a lot of expats.


For further information:

Company Vauban Co., LTD.

Trendy Office Building, unit 10/36 (1st Floor)

Soi Sukhumvit 13, Sukhumvit road, Klongtoey Noey

Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand

Tel : +66 (0) 02-168-7047

Fax : +66 (0) 02-168-7048

Tel : +33 (0) 9 70 46 74 00 (Local France Call)

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