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3 Major Transportation Projects to Dynamize Hua Hin!

Sea resort in an authentic charming and appreciated destination, Hua Hin knows for a few years a popularity in constant increase with the wealthy households of the capital and foreign investors looking for a lovely place for their holidays or pension. To support this trend, the government decided to set up several measures to revitalize the region. Among them, a serie of investments intended for the sector of transport to facilitate the access to the sea resort and to work on its economic development.


 1. A High-Speed Train That Will Reduce the Travel Time by Two

With the will of the Thai government to develop the railway network with high speed lines – among others : from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani, Trat, etc. The State Railway of Thailand ( SRT) – public railroad operator under the Ministry of Transport jurisdiction – announced that a new line will be established between the capital and the city of Hat Yai in the southeast of the country (in green on the map, the commissioning of this line is planned for the beginning of 2022 with stops in several cities, among those Hua Hin.

At first, the part Bangkok – Hua Hin will represent an investment of 94.6 billion Bahts (that is approximately 2.7 billion euros). This new line with high speed will allow to connect both cities within two hours, it’s half time less than now (approximately four hours and a half). It will permit the introduction of new trains which can circulate in more than 250 kph, and this with a confort we can find in European trains.

On one hand, this investment will be supported by the Thai government and the national private investors such as ThaiBev (parent company of Chang) and CP (major supplier of 7/11), and on the other hand, international ones, especially Chinese investors.

The line extension is planned to Singapore in the South and to China in the North, making one of the major transport axe of Southeast Asia and a big opportunity for the economic development of Hua Hin.

The arrival of this new line will lead to the construction of a high-speed train station near Hua Hin’s airport.



2. A Highway Between Nakhon Pathom and Hua Hin

In a country where the road network is mainly used for people travels and goods transportation, the government started working to improve the axes of road transports between the capital and the various provinces of the Kingdom at the end of 2016.



Among various projects, the construction of a new highway between Nakhon Pathom (around Bangkok) and Hua Hin has been launched, representing an investment of about 63.9 billion Bahts (approximately 1,7 billion euros). At the end of the project, in 2022, the estimated daily traffic will be around 43,000 vehicles, offering to Hua Hin an incredible accessibility. It will lead to the increase of tourism, at the moment, this sector is the most important wealthy speaking in the region. As well, it will develop the local economy with the facilitation of export and stock up of raw materials or finished products for local industries.

The construction of the highway as well as its exploitation will be realized in a “public – private” partnership program between the government and various private actors. Several companies expressed their interest for the project. The dealer, once chosen, would be authorized to collect the road fees and to share revenues with the State.



3. Hua Hin’s Airport Extension

A development plan of the airport of Hua Hin as also been announced. Indeed, the government intends to improve and to enlarge the landing runway, now 35 meters wide and long of 2 100 meters, it will be widened from 35 to 45 meters to allow the airport to welcome bigger planes (in particular Boeing 737), opening the way to international flights and permit to Hua Hin a better access.



Further to this announcement, the airport which welcomed only national flights so far, aroused the interest of the Malaysian giant Air Asia, specialized in the flights in South-East Asia, which announced the opening of a new connection between Kuala Lumpur and Hua Hin from next May 18th from 839 THB, approximately 22 €.

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