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The 5 Best Cafés/Bakeries of Hua Hin

A free weekend, a sudden craving for caffeine or a bet with your half to test all the cafes of Hua Hin?! Whatever the reason … a coffee and a baguette, it’s always a good idea! Discover OUR best cafes and bakeries addresses. 🤩



#1 No Name Caff


This coffee is distinguished from its colleagues by its appearance a little special … of a truck. It is located on Kao Tao Beach, and despite its somewhat doubtful backpacker van appearance, No Name Caff offers coffees, one more sophisticated than the others. Chief’s recommendation? Enjoy a cappuccino in front of the turquoise blue water. 😉



The barista masters very well the art of drawing on cappuccinos, and has attracted the eyes of many tourists who came to the beautiful beach of Kao Tao. More than a visual pleasure, the waiters cook the arabica beans from the north of the country themselves. Taste guaranteed! 💫



Phone : +66 89 112 7094

Open Every Day from 08 AM to 04 PM, CLOSED on Tuesdays



#2 The Chocolate Factory


You’ll have understood just by reading the title, chocolate is in the spotlight in this bakery … why do not you let yourself be tempted by a chocolate dome or an espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a little snack?


But much more, the Chocolate Factory is also a restaurant offering a wide menu of Thai dishes and international dishes. According to your desires, you can opt for a tasty pad thai or an amazing grilled lobster … something to delight all kind of tastes! 😉



However, besides the incredible cuisine, what will catch your eye in the first place is the dining room itself. The Party / Space / Design studio has designed the place itself, creating an elegant interior: bronze lamps, pure white marble furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows opening onto the outdoor light … nothing more peaceful for your afternoon. 🌺



Phone : +66 61 172 8887

Open Every Day from 09:30 AM to 10 PM


#3 White Home Café


The White Home Café is literally nestled at the corner of a small dead end street. His speciality ? Everything is home-made, so it will look like something out of your grandmother’s kitchen. 😉


Besides the cuisine that will delight your heart, you can enjoy a very sweet and peaceful atmosphere to take your coffee or enjoy your piece of cake. Flowers, plants, a serene ambiance… everything to delight you in the greatest calm around.



Vanilla ice cream with meringue and raspberry sauce, cream biscuit, unicorn coffee and Chinese pastries … did you doubt of finding happiness one day? 💫



Phone : +66 95 949 6220

Open Every Day from 10 AM to 06 PM



#4 Together Bakery & Cafe


Do you like ciabatta? So do we … Do you like cakes? So do we … Do you know the Together Bakery & Cafe? No?! Well we do, and it’s time for you to find out!


Friendly atmosphere, colorful facade and smiling staff, it is impossible to pass the door of Together Bakery & Cafe without a good mood. Overview! Tourist happy to come and enjoy a coffee in Hua Hin. 😉



At the turn of a cup of their best coffee, you can also get lost and have a good bowl of calories, with the best dessert of Hua Hin: the famous cake with coconut, made of layers of cream of coconut. 💫



Phone : +66 32 531 059

Open Every Day from 08:30 AM to 10 PM



#5 Ob-Oon Deli Boulangerie-Pâtisserie


Qualified as the best bakery in Hua Hin, Ob-Oon Deli Bakery-Pastry already attracts French expatriates just by its name. Baguettes, croissants, homemade breads, etc … should we continue the list or you are already convinced? 😉



The decor is also a special highlight of this mid café mid bakery place. A real greenhouse is accessible inside, with hundreds of plants suspended from the ceiling, plunging you into a natural and relaxing atmosphere. 💫



Phone : +66 32 531 470

Open Every Day from 07 AM to 06 PM





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