A New Era for Thailand Elite: Unveiling Exclusive Membership Programs cover

A New Era for Thailand Elite: Unveiling Exclusive Membership Programs

Bangkok, 30th August 2023

In a high-profile press conference held at the Bangkok Conrad Hotel, Thailand Privilege Card Company, with esteemed guests including Thailand’s Minister of Tourism, the TAT Governor, and TPC’s board members, unveiled their visionary roadmap for the future of the revered Thailand Elite programs.

Celebrating two decades of unmatched success, the president of Thailand Privilege Card highlighted the exponential growth the Thailand Elite programs have witnessed over the years. Offering an unparalleled experience to its global clientele, including frequent travelers, expatriates, and retirees, the program has firmly positioned Thailand as either a first or second home for many.

To illustrate this meteoric rise, membership has seen a remarkable leap from 8,600 members in 2029 to a staggering 31,500 as of August 2023. This not only underscores Thailand’s magnetic allure but also showcases the unmatched appeal of the Thailand Elite memberships, renowned for its long-stay, multi-entry 5-year visas, and a plethora of exclusive privileges.

In recognition of this robust growth and to mark its 20th anniversary, Thailand Elite is now pivoting towards a more refined and selective membership base. By forging partnerships with Thailand's premier companies across sectors like Travel, Health, Shopping, Leisure, and Finance, the program seeks to present unparalleled advantages to its esteemed members. Central to this approach is the introduction of the Privilege Points system. Members can accrue and expend these points on indulgences such as complimentary limousine services, tickets for domestic flights, exceptional discounts in Michelin-starred restaurants, luxurious hotel stays, and more.

A life with more possibilities

The capstone of this press event was the grand unveiling of the forthcoming membership tiers:

  • RESERVE: An invitation-only program lasting two decades, it comes packed with 120 Privilege Points annually.Fee: 5,000,000THB
    Duration: 20+ Years
    Privilege Points: 120/year
  • DIAMOND:Fee: 2,500,000THB
    Duration: 15 Years
    Privilege Points: 55/year
  • PLATINUM:Fee: 1,500,000THB
    Duration: 10 Years
    Privilege Points: 35/year
  • GOLD:Fee: 900,000THB
    Duration: 5 Years
    Privilege Points: 20/year

These revamped programs will supersede all existing membership programs from 15th September 2023. For those still intrigued by the current programs, the final window to join closes on 14th September 2023. However, those seeking the opulence of the new packages can start their journey from 1st October 2023.

A detailed exposition of the Privilege Points system and associated benefits will be made available in September.

For further insights or queries, or to explore these prestigious memberships, interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly to us.

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