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How to buy a car in Thailand

In Thailand, we could not refuse to say that a car is one of the necessities of life.  Living in some cities or remote areas in Thailand is very difficult to access public transportation so that a car becomes a choice that people consider to invest.  Because having a car in Thailand seems to be complicated, we must prepare essential documents and prerequisite requirement before going to own your favourite car.


Firstly, please make sure that you have these following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Non-immigrant visa
  3. Work Permit


Then, if everything is ready, you can go ahead to your desired car dealer. Commonly, there are many options to buy a car in Thailand. You also have to consider running costs.



Buying a car on finance

Normally, when you buy a car at the dealer, the sales assistant will help to contact the finance company and request you some documents to check your financial credit. Then, you will be asked to pay the deposit, usually 5,000 – 10,000 baht, in order to secure your car. Once your document is approved, you have to sign an agreement of making a loan and you are required to buy insurance on the same day. Insurance will cost you about 25,000 baht per year and the finance company will be responsible to hold your car book (blue book), which is the proof of ownership. The finance company will return this book when you paid off all loan.

Buying a car by the full cash

Same as buying a car on finance, you will be asked to pay a deposit to reserve a car because a car in Thailand is usually made to order. Then, you might pay the full amount by cashier check.  After making the payment is done, you are able to wait to collect your car and the blue book (proof of ownership) will belong to you automatically.


When collecting your new car, you will have a temporary license plate, which is a red colour. So, you have to use this plate until the dealer completes the process of registration at the Department of Land Transportation. The process will take 1-3 months. After the process finalized, you will receive the registered white place and return the red plate to the dealer.



For the process of having a driving licence:  http://aboutthailandliving.com/2019/04/22/how-to-get-the-thai-driving-license/ займ срочно ночью

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