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MahaNakhon, The Tallest And Most Enigmatic Tower In Bangkok

Inaugurated on August 29/2016, with a sound and light show worthy of Jean-Michel Jerre, the MahaNakhon tower culminates at 314 meters, which makes it the tallest residential building in Thailand!

Located in the heart of Bangkok in the Sathorn business district, the tower will open to the public in the coming weeks after 5 years of work by the French group Bouygues, which is once again demonstrating its know-how and its global expertise.

Designed by Ole Sheeren, an internationally renowned architect, among others, of the Beijing CCTV tower, MahaNakhon offers a long vertical run through which the tower seems to break down into whole pieces. The unexpected structural complexity that commands admiration as each floor required specific formwork methods and plans, Three levels were constructed solely to transfer the load of the pillars to the core in order to stiffen and stabilize the slender tower and slightly unbalanced west side due to its shapes. To prevent the deformation of the concrete, 130 pillars plunge to 65 meters deep and thus constitute the largest raft ever built by Bouygues Construction.

Beyond the technical prowess, MahaNakhon is also an extraordinary 77-story residential program consisting of three sections comprising 155 rooms of the 5-star Ritz Carlton, 200 luxury apartments and boutiques. the sky bar at the top and its panoramic terrace guarantee the absolute thrill with a glass terrace suspended above the void. The MahaNakhon Cube has restaurants and cafes. Top of 7 floors, the cube will propose you the best menus of the city thanks to the big names of the kitchen: The Workshop of Joel Robuchon (3 stars of the Michelin Guide), VOGUE Lounge, Dean & DeLuca (in partnership with Pharrell Williams), M Krub … There is something for everyone. Easily accessible, it is directly connected to the BTS Chong Nonsi station.

Julien Guille, a real estate consultant of the Vauban group in Bangkok, talks about it in details:

The exterior design of the tower is spectacular, what about the interior?

I had the chance to visit the project a few months ago and climb up the floors. The XXL volumes give the apartments a very Haussmannian dimension, except that the facades are entirely made of glass and the lines are very clean. Contrary to what one might think, the interiors wan. We navigate between modernist New York loft and Parisian mansion. If in addition, the apartment has a terrace, it is filled.

The interiors themselves embody the level of luxury and comfort sought by a certain clientele in Asia. Western buyers will prefer a more discreet luxury than those of Hong Kong and Singapore but they will be delighted to find here the level of international class they are used to in Paris, London and Miami.

Can you present us the specificities of the apartments marketed by Vauban within the Tower?

Each apartment at the Ritz Carlton MahaNakhon has a unique plan so everyone is able to find a layout or a composition that will be personal. Some apartments are still for sales but the choice is quite slim now.

Concretely, we speak of lofts with beautiful hights under the ceiling. The apartments are extremely well equipped and will seduce the most demanding guests. The main asset of Mahanakhon lies, of course, in its hight and in the panoramic view it offers on the city, thus conferring the feeling of being housed in an extraordinary building.

Which customers are you addressing?

Our clients come from all walks of life and are not all millionaires. But they all have a common concern that is to have a clear vision of the real estate market in Bangkok when they the decision to invest, whether it is 100, 000 Euros or 1,000,000 Euros.

Our clients are looking for advice and selected properties.

In conclusion, how do you think this project is unique?

MahaNakhon is unique in many ways and I’m sure it will mark its time in the Bangkok skyline. Personally, I always thought that this tower will have the same impact on the capital as the Burj al- Arab on Dubai. In 1999 quite a few people knew how to place Dubai on a map and this hotel on the sea put a sensational spotlight on the little emirate. With MahaNakhon, I do not doubt that it is a new image of the Thai capital that will circulate in the world, the image of a modern and daring capital,

I hope to see in the near future more projects that excite our pupils and attract the attention of the whole world because it will motivate the promoters to innovate more. This will obviously be in the interest of buyers.

MahaNakhon will be Bangkok’s tallest tower of another two years, after which it will be overtaken by Magnolia Waterfront, a 315-meter residential tower on the Chaopraya River. We also look forward to the Rama IX Super Tower which will be completed in 2021 and will culminate at 615 meters. An entire program…

Address: MahaNakhon, Khweang Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Khung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500

Access: BTS Chong Nonsi or MRT Silom

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