Well known and highly awarded Thai architect and developer, K. Bodin Sritrakul has been designing and building luxury and unique villas on Koh Samui Island for over 15 years now.


Bodin is undoubtedly a talented artist, who masters the art of blending elegantly masterpieces of architecture and art with an exotic and green environment. He has been creating outstanding architectural designs that impress Samui residents, visitors and investors.

K, Bodin’s reputation and fame was quickly forged when, in 2013, he won the prestigious Thailand Property award of ‘’The Best Architectural design’’ for his creation of the outstanding Moon Shadow Villa. A Majestic work of the finest art property designed and built with a meticulous attention to every single detail. This unique villa was praised as one of the most “Jaw-dropping” villa in Asia. Most recently Moon Shadow has been awarded “the Best Honeymoon Hideaway 2015” in the World Boutique Hotel Awards 2015 in London, making Moon Shadow one of the most sought-after villas in Koh Samui.


Moon Shadow villa was actually the symbol of the beginning of a passionate journey for K. Bodin and Neo Estate team, the creative concept of coconut shell looking roofs, turned K Bodin and his creations, famous and unrivalled on Koh Samui.

When driving on Chaweng Noi’s ring road, you cannot miss the magnificent Moon Shadow Villa, imposing its beauty and on the top of the hill affording the most astonishing sea views on the bay.

Since then, he carried on creating stunning high-end properties and winning prestigious awards such as Best Architectural Design for Villa Sawadee and Villa Sritrakul in 2014, South East Asia most inspiring architectural design in 2016, Best Villa development Resort for Pool 18 and the Asia Pacific Awards in 2017. And most recently in 2018, his projects Samui Green Cottages and Lux Samui won the award of best architectural design and best resort development.

His inspiration firstly and simply came from Samui’s natural environment featuring beautiful coconut palms all over the island, as well as Samui’s former nickname ‘Coconut Island’.

Ever since, the concept of Coconut Shell looking roofs has been firstly registered under intellectual property rights, prohibiting other architects and developers to duplicate it in Thailand, unless by getting an official and paid license from the architect.

At that point, the architectural model has been developed on new projects and even enhanced to create new exceptional pieces of art, all of them located on prime areas on Koh Samui, giving on breathtaking sea views. Such as SAMUI GREEN COTTAGES, SAMUI LUX & NAKARA VILLAS

Bodin is well known in the local community for his commitment to the sustainability of Samui’s nature, he recently leaded an exhibition called Samui Green Exhibition, held at Central Festival in Chaweng, where architects, engineers, developers and different partners met to share their expertise in term of sustainable constructions as well as discussing responsible actions to be established by the municipality in order to tend toward a greener island and to preserve our green environment.

As for Kalessan Villas, K. Bodin has planned to integrate an automation system in each villa, solar panels and new construction methods ensuring energy and resources savings. Furthermore, the buyer will enjoy the freedom to create his own house according to his tastes and criteria, and following the high-end standards of K. Bodin and his team.

Furthermore, he has recently involved his team in a weekly cleaning of Samui’s beaches and roads, providing volunteers and necessary equipment so take our island to a higher level in term of sustainable development and nature preservation. He is also one of the founders of the new Road Recycling Program, where roads are built from recycled plastic, an initiative executed around Thailand by university students.


Conscientious about his environment and being a nature lover, K. Bodin has been working closely with engineers and constructors to constantly improve his building processes, tending toward a responsible and sustainable architecture and construction.

One of the most successful developments, by K. Bodin and Neo Estate, is SAMUI GREEN COTTAGES, which initiates the use of bricks shaped from a blend of recycled plastic and sand, two materials found effortlessly and freely on the island, these innovative bricks have been invented by his brother in law, the famous civil engineer Dr Wechsawan Lakas.

Bodin has been exchanging with the mayor and the municipal authorities of Koh Samui to get a hold of used and recycled plastic on the island, in order to create those revolutionary bricks, later used to build roads between GREEN COTTAGES VILLAS.




More projects designed by K. Bodin



Location: Chaweng Noi

Land size: 400 sqm

Living area: 240 sqm

Starting price: 10.900.000 THB

More details here



Location: Choeng Mon/Plai Laem

Land size: 344-519 sqm

Living area: 244-356 sqm

Starting price: 16.860.000 THB

Investment: 6% rental guarantee for 6 years

More details here


Location: Choeng Mon/Plai Laem
Land size: 344-519 sqm
Living area: 244-356 sqm
Starting price: 16.860.000 THB
Investment: 6% rental guarantee for 10 years
More details here



Location: Laem Set

Land size: starts at 314 sqm

Living area: starts at 204.50 sqm

Starting price: 13.500.000 THB

More details here



Location: Ban Makham

Land size: 727-1350 sqm

Living area: 427-1200 sqm

Starting price: 23.000.000 THB

More details here




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