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To go through a real estate agency in Thailand: Benefits?

While the internet allows everyone to communicate, and the number of real estate investors gained, it is sometimes difficult to navigate and make the difference between knowledgeable companies, well established and whose advice is the business, individuals and other intermediaries…

Real estate consultancy is usually provided by a real estate agency present locally and with a good knowledge of the market and procedures. Some may think that it is possible to transport existing schemes on regular markets, but dealing directly with owners or promoters in Thailand, and can be very much easier. Indeed, in a heterogeneous market, where each destination has its peculiarities, the language barrier, the knowledge of local fabric, the environment, the legal framework… can be mastered in just a few days. Going through a serious real estate agency can, therefore, offer serious benefits.

1: A wider choice of goods to compare and a better choice

The Thai property market is very heterogeneous: there are many differences in terms of price, location and services. Go to a real estate agency, it is like having the assets in hand to optimize your decision of purchase or rental.

The real estate agency serves as a direct relay on site: it plans visits according to your search criteria (budget, location, number of rooms, services, etc), for time-saving and maximum efficiency. To choose is also to compare. The developers and owners will always tell you that their project or real estate is the best and generally will not deal with the resale or renting thereafter.

2: No fees for the buyer or tenant



Promotion costs are borne by the owners, and commission rates are usually standard for each destination.

Moreover, the fact of going through a real estate agency, which has professional knowledge of the market, allows negotiating at best (the volume of sales also allowing to play in the balance). The agent controlling the market prices knows on what basis to negotiate. All these factors, therefore, allow the client to obtain the best conditions.

Also, going through an agency will facilitate the negotiation process as they usually have Thai staffs too, which will serve as a relay during negotiations with the owner or promoter as well as with authorities such as the Land Department. The absence of a notary in Thailand implies that the contractual and transfer of ownership procedures are processed directly in the land register. This provides an obvious gain in both financial and time terms. Nevertheless, it is important to be accompanied either by a lawyer (involving the payment of fees) or by their agent who can also accompany you in all these steps.

3: Advice on procedures & support


The role of real estate agent does not stop at visiting a property. The agency determines your needs and accompanies you throughout the research process, in the negotiation but also in the follow-up of the origin, it is better to be guided by an expert, don’t you think? Real estate agents are trusted third parties in a country where it can be difficult for an individual to navigate.

Although there are advantages to going through a real estate agency, the profession of a real estate agent is not regulated in Thailand as in other countries. It is therefore advisable to go through real estate agencies which have been set up and have been present for several years with a real team. Being able to work with a structured agency and people communicating regularly are indicators of the seriousness and willingness of the agency to establish itself over time.

Among real estate agencies present in Thailand, Company Vauban is a reference actor. Established since 2006, it is composed of an international team of over eighty employees and has 6 agencies, includes Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui. The company accompanies you and offers you a continuity of services on all destinations. Its presence, development and its 10 years of experience in Thailand are proof of seriousness and credibility.


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