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[Expatriation] factors to consider before moving to Thailand

Leaving one’s homeland is never easy. The fear of the unknown and change of scenery are things that can make us give up the big leap that is expatriation However, it is enough to have the right information to be reassured and make this new start as calmly as possible. Here are the main factors to take into account before moving to Thailand.



The paperwork is often a source of stress that must be resolved quickly to be able to focus on other elements of your expatriation.

Thailand offers various visas, which are adapted to your situation:

  • Non-immigrant Visa O
  • Non-immigrant Visa OA
  • Non-immigrant investor Visa
  • Non-immigrant Visa ED
  • Non-immigrant Visa B

There is also the Thailand Elite visa Which will allow you to obtain long-term visas (between 5 and 20 years) and to access many benefits and privileges in Thailand.



It seems obvious that finding a home is a priority when you arrive in a new country. it is important, however, not to confuse speed with precipitation. Take the time to find a home in the neighbourhood where you feel comfortable. In the case of Bangkok, residential areas are scattered throughout the city, but there are areas of high concentration of residential housing around Sukhumvit, Yen Akat, Silom, Sathorn, and Wittayu. Be aware that most accommodations are furnished, but it is possible to ask for removal in agreement with the owner.

The accommodation you choose should match your expectations and needs. Feel free to visit several properties, even if you choose to stay at the hotel the first few days following your arrival. Recommended using real estate agencies that will take care of selecting the homes with the best benefits.

More about accommodations: Click Here



If you choose to move to the country of the smiles without having a professional situation when you arrive, it is important to know that in Thailand, finding jobs as a foreigner is not an easy thing to do. First of all, because the labour legislation has many constraints for both the applicant and the companies. Moreover, despite very good qualifications, many professions are not open for foreigners. If, however, you are aware that your professional project corresponds to market demand, you can go to the Chamber of Commerce, such as (Franco-Thai Chamber Of Commerce) if you are French or (Thailand International Chamber of Commerce), one of those missions is to inform the applicant about local labour law.

You rather have the project to build your company? Then the help of a lawyer will be essential to you to face the process of creation of your company.

More about jobs: Click Here

The Banks


Opening a bank account is usually the logical outcome of this installation. The motivation is usually the simplest: the desire to waive fees with each withdrawal of payment. Indeed, when you make a withdrawal with your homeland card in a Thai distributor charges are billed to you, these depend on your bank, these must be added 220 THB which are charged for any withdrawal. In addition, opening a bank account in Thailand is a necessary step to obtain certain visas. It is possible to open an account at any Thai commercial bank. In the majority of cases, it is necessary to provide a photocopy of the passport and certify a work permit. In many Banks, the work permit may be replaced by a residence certificate. It is issued by the Embassy to persons without professional activity, provided that they are registered in the register of their established aboard.

More about Banks: Click Here

Schooling of children


Expatriating can also seem complicated when you have children, yet they often adapt much faster than us adults! How your child experience the expatriation depends on many factors, such as the age they are in.

In any case, it will be necessary to build a stable and reassuring environment as quickly as possible (including upstream of the departure). The first step will be to select the best school. The selection will obviously depend on your preferences for the education you want for your children.

More about international schools: Click Here

Eating habits


Missing some of the habits, the change of scenery is often found in the most basic things like food. Doing your shopping will not be a problem since Bangkok has many signs that will allow you to walk on the shelves shopping cart full of products that you usually consume. Add to that many markets that will allow you to pay for your food at unbeatable prices.



To know the functioning of the health system of the country in which one settles is also a parameter that is important to consider. Where are the main hospitals? What care do they provide? One thing for sure is that the hospitals you find in Thailand are at the forefront of modern medicine in many areas.

More about health: Click Here



The telephony market in Thailand is occupied by the operators: DTAC, AIS and TRUE MOVE. The three suppliers offer competitive formulas. Once you have established your priorities and budget, compare the offers to choose the one that suits you best. On the day of the installation, you will need to bring your passport.

All the information concerning your expatriation is here

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