Thai banks all have different requirements concerning the documents so as a stranger, you might have a tough time trying to open a bank account. To ease the procedure, here are a few tips :

1. Passeport and working licence
All banks accept the opening of an account under presentation of your passeport and your working licence.

2. Open an account with other documents
If you do not possess a working licence, you can provide them documents that attest the length of your stay like your rental agreement, a thaï driving licence or if you are engaged, the ID of your companion and your wedding certificate.

3. Minimum amount  
The minimum deposit rate differs depending on the establishment. It often surrounds 500 bahts, amount which always has to be on your account to assure its operation and avoid its closing.

4. Choose well your bank’s location 
The thaï system gives a lot of importance on the bank you opened your bank account with. That means some transactions can only be done within the branch you are in. If you move, you would rather change your origin bank also as the location is very important.

5. Obtain your cards & documents
Once you have opened your account, make sure your bank provides you a debit card. That will cost you around 200-300 bahts.

Your bank account will allow you transfering money from your country to Thailand, to earn your income but also to afford yourself goods such as estate goods.



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