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How to get your license abroad? VISA? How to get married in Thailand? And what about this contract, is it correct? Legal issues can quickly become incomprehensible to expatriates, especially when it comes to a country so far from their… Fortunately for us, some law firms specialized in this kind of situations exist. Among them, Opera Consulting is particularly interesting because of its service… in French!

So, today we meet Grégory Placé, Lawyer and Director at Opera Consulting, who kindly answered our questions to present a little more in detail the firm itself and the services it offers.

A lawyer by training in France, Grégory has been living in Thailand for a long time. He acquired a solid knowledge of Thai law during his professional experiences in various law firms in the Kingdom, including Koh Samui, Phuket and Bangkok.


What is Opera Consulting?

Opera Consulting is an international law firm based in Bangkok. Founded in 2016 and is made up of a dynamic team of lawyers and consultants speaking Thai, English, and French.

Opera Consulting specializes in real estate law. However, we always keep in mind the interest of the client, and the firm has developed the services of a generalist firm able to support its clients through their different legal needs in Thailand.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele is made up of about 40% French and 60% foreigners. Our clients are mainly expatriates from all over the world but we also count among our client’s Thai companies.

What are your main services?

We offer kind of support and legal assistance through consultations and the drafting and review of contracts in a wide variety of areas including real estate which also includes specific services such as the drafting of pre-audit reports to the public, purchase of real estate. We have to move in certain cases particularly in other provinces such as for example in the transfer of ownership records to be made in the cadastre of the place of the property.

Opera Consulting is also turned towards the company by offering many services such as the creation of a company, the registration ofVAT and the good performance of corporate documents, in particular through the legal secretariat and the many necessary steps with the Ministry. Of Commerce (shareholders’ meeting, change of shareholder or director, increase of share capital…).

Finally, we provide all our clients, whether residents or investors, with quality support for a whole range of ancillary administrative services such as:

  • Obtaining professional licenses
  • Visa and work permit
  • Driving license establishment or conversation
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Pre-litigation and litigation assistance
  • Assistance when opening a bank account
  • Registration of marriages and divorces with the competent authorities

What makes you different from your competitors?

We play the role of partner and provide reliable and practical solutions to all our clients to assist them in their legal or administrative steps. We offer support in French, Which is very reassuring for many of our clients because it avoids misunderstandings, especially in a field as complex as the law. Moreover, from a tariff point of view, unlike many law firms, we offer, as far as possible, services at fixed prices which always allows our customers to evaluate their budget and avoid overtaking. Finally, we offer a quality service. We always offer our clients professional and well-groomed work to best meet their needs and expectations, Their satisfaction is our motivation.

If you had to give 3 words to define Opera Consulting, what would it be?

Fast, Competitive and Reliable.

Our team is very dynamic and is committed to treating all requests as soon as they are received and with the most care. In addition, we offer excellent value for money; while keeping in mind that each file is unique and requires special attention. we have also demonstrated our reliability through the personalized support we have been offering our customers for two years now.

The strength of our firm lies in the competence and expertise of our team, our availability and responsiveness. We wish to become the preferred point of contact for anyone travelling to Thailand reside or invest.

What are your future prospects?

We are working hard to develop Opera Consulting and grow our current team. We hope in a relatively near future to have a consultant based in each of the main cities of Thailand to facilitate a little more support for our customers in all their efforts. Don’t hesitate to contact us or to meet us.


Address – Opera Consulting Co., Ltd.

Trendy Office Building, 20th Floor, 10/164, Soi Sukhumvit 13, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

Hours – Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

Tel – +66 (0) 2-126-7670

Mobile – +66 (0) 82-626-9217

LINE – opera.consulting



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