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The 3rd largest city of Thailand, Chiang Mai offers an exceptional range of activities. Known as a cultural destination, Chiang Mai has also built its reputation on its geographical location. Surrounded by mountains, this city will enchant the real nature lovers…

The Temples

Built in the 8th century; the city has over 300 temples. The history of each temple is interesting, yet visiting them all is the challenge of once in a lifetime. Nevertheless, it remains the outstanding one; only one day will be more than enough to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.

This incredible temple overlooking a mountain has 306 steps to reach sided with the railings resembling the snakes (the guards). At the top, you will see the fascinating plunging landscape of the city. The walk to the pilgrimage-like will benefit your health, as well as your eyes that will never cease to be amazed!Capturee4ggg

Family Activities

Crossing a river and walking in a jungle on the back of this big elephant, this memory will be indelible for young and old!

National parks are found throughout ​​Chiang Mai. You will enjoy walking in the fresh air, discovering species of tropical plants, and admiring the waterfalls that plunge you into the adventure. Do not forget to bring a swimsuit if you want to cool off your feet at the waterfall.

Otherwise, you can visit a night market… The Chiang Mai Night Market offers many articles, some captivate the attention of the little ones. In fact, you will discover many crafts, including traditional wooden games.Capturehttt


The lush greenery of the Chiang Mai offers a number of outdoor sports and activities. Whether you enjoy bike riding, hiking or prefer mountain biking, you will be filled by the tracks of up to 100 km. More activities like rafting will also be available for you. Plus, for the passionate golfers, more than a dozen courses are offered.

After a long day of outdoor activities, we recommend you a massage center or fish pedicure, relaxing and fun guaranteed!Capturehththt

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