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Top 5 Unusual Flowers in Thailand

Discover the most unusual flowers found in Thailand…

  • Rafflesia Kerri

Open your arms wide, you will have a rough idea of ​​the size of the largest flower in the world! With its flat surface and the circular five rounded petals, this flower can basically wrap the whole body of a child. Devoid of stem and leaves, there exist only the real flowers.

Yet its operation is complex to ensure its pollination, it secretes the special odors similar to those of decaying meat. These are not bees, but the flies that play a key role in the sustainability of this strange flower.

You will discover this flower of 10 kg at Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani.1

  • Etlingera elatior

Better known as the “porcelain rose” this flower fascinates with its almost artificial perfection, its extremely bright color and enchanting fragrance.

The size of this plant is also impressive, reaching six meters high, as much as a medium-sized tree.

It belongs to a large family with more than 50,500 species!e9ca84_482ba063da7942d29ce21113525ce918

  • Psychotria elata

It is quite surprising, its intense red petals and two generous reminds us of luscious mouth with red lipstick on.

Bees, butterflies as well as hummingbirds are not immune to this extravagant flower. Indeed, they are also involved in the pollination.

Try your best not to pluck the flower because you will probably end up causing the deforestation.maxresdefault

  • Impatiens psittacina

Commonly called the parrot flower, it is aptly named after its shape of a bird. Rare and fragile it is prohibited for exporting. Indeed the marketing of seeds, except from within the country, is prohibited. This flower is considered as a national treasure that Thailand wishes to preserve.

You will find it mainly in the northern part of the country on the outskirts of Chiang Mai.زهرة-الببغاء

  • Plumeria – Frangipannier

Look carefully to the center of the flower and you’ll find the five petals spiraling, directly attached to the stem. Certainly one of the most famous tropical flowers, plumeria is also renowned for its fragrance. Powerful yet gentle breathing, this tropical scent offers a sense of relaxation. It is also appreciated by the trees on which it flourishes.plumeria

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