The Day of Thailand’s Father

The King of Thailand is considered as the Father of all. We are celebrating HM the King’s birthday on 5th December in order to pay respect to him and to our fathers.

December, 5th of each year is the celebration of the current King, His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej or the King Rama IX of Chakri Dynasty, considered as Father’s Day of the nation. The King is the best role-modeled father, for the father of the nation as well as of his royal family.

On this very special day, the joyful celebrations are held at every corner of the steet. From governmental offices to private sectors, everywhere is decorated with the portrait of the King and the national flag. Colourful lightings, including exhibitions and songs for HM the King are set everywhere. The power of Thai people to highly demonstrate such appreciation to the King is overwhelming.

About Thailand Living team wishes HM The King long life and prosperity. Love live the King!long-live-majesty-the-king

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