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Thai Massage,…More Than You Think

A long work during the past weekdays? Or just finished a hike? Your feet feel heavy after visiting temples? Certainly, you need a massage! Having a Thai massage is a pleasant moment for relaxation. It also interestingly gives the discovery of Thai culture.


Going back 2500 years before Jesus Christ, let us place ourselves in Northeast India and meet the Father of Thai massage: Jivaka Kumar Baccha… The man was a friend of Buddha who brought the wisdom and practices of yoga along with Thai massage to the world. He was also a personal therapist of King Bimbisara, the one who brought about his fame.

The origin of “Thai massage” is thus from India!

This curative radiation has benefited Buddhism in Asia to expand its reputation. In the twelfth century, King Chaiworama VII (1182-1186) built two hospitals in the North East of Thailand, it is at this precise moment that the Thai traditional medicine took root. The Thai massage is to Thailand is exactly what baguettes are to France!

Hence, since 1955, training, medicine and traditional massage have been offered to students. The school is attached to the temple of Wat Po, known for its reclining Buddha and is also the oldest temple in Bangkok. This site illustrates the place of art of massage in the Thai society.


The Thai massage philosophy is based on the energies of our body. These are absorbed via the respiratory tract and feeding, then divided in energy centers located in different parts of the body; mainly at the acupuncture points. Thai massage is believed to reduce health problems such as sore muscles, back, and joints…

Thai massage is a power that entirely treats your body and soul….

What are the benefits?

With its reputation, the Thai massage is based on specific techniques. We push pressure and body power on the muscles and make them stretch.

Known to release energy and relieve stress, Thai massage lavishes many benefits. It promotes good blood circulation, harmonizes energetically the major functions of the body, eliminates toxins, restores tone, regulates sleep, eliminates muscle stiffness, and provides body relaxation.

You can get the well-known Thai massage by student masseurs/masseuses at the traditional massage school of Wat Pho, Bangkok. Or, in case you live far away, massage boutiques are found almost at every corner in Thailand.

An excellent activity that empties your mind without breaking the bank!


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