Chinese New Year 2020 – Year of the Rat

Happy Spring Festival! Or as it is more commonly said, Happy Chinese New Year! It is a special celebration that takes place not only in China, but also in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and … in Thailand! On January 25, 2020, we say goodbye to the year of the Pig and welcome to the year of the Rat!


Even if the Chinese New Year is about getting together with the family, it is also a golden opportunity to enjoy the various festivities that are happening everywhere. During this period, the stores are closed and the metros, hotels and streets are crowded.

Rules and Traditions:

  • Seniors distribute red envelopes containing one or more bills to the youngest.
  • New Years Eve’s meal is like family meeting ones- very copious. In general, the preparation begins the day before the party and the food is cooked on the same day взять займ безработным без отказа. More than a dozen different dishes are shared on the table.
  • Tradition has it that we blow firecrackers to ward off evil spirits.
  • As a sign of respect to the ancestors, people send them “gifts” to the beyond by burning counterfeit bills.
  • The color red is a sign of luck and fortune. Traditionally, people wear accessories or red clothes to protect themselves from possible misfortune.

Chinese New Year in Thailand

Bangkok: Each year, the biggest party happens in the district of Yaowarat, the Chinatown of the Thai capital. This year, an official opening ceremony will be presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn followed by parades, acrobatic performances, small concerts, food stalls and exhibitions …

Phuket: The Chinese community is also very present in Phuket. The Chinese New Year will take place in the Old Town.

Chiang Mai: Popular with Chinese tourists, the festivities for New Year will take place in the Chinese district near Warorot Market with colorful parades, Chinese cultural shows, lanterns, exhibitions, Mister Tai Chi and Qichong competitions, etc.

The Chinese Community in Thailand

The Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the country for one simple reason: a large part of the population in the cities has Chinese origins. It is estimated that about 14% of the Thai population comes from a Chinese ancestry, which explains the important influence of this community in the Land of Smiles.


Year of the Rat

Rats are very active and social, they build relationships easily but these are not necessarily long-lasting ones. Easily adaptable, they react quickly and have a strong intuition, allowing them to seize every opportunity that presents itself.

Attributes: honest and loyal, kind and careful, capable of anything to help people who are important to them.

Work: Rats are good providing valuable insights, and behave well in business. They do not like conflicts and avoid problems. Rats have attention to detail and are rigorous, and therefore provide serious and consistent work.

Recommended jobs: Manager, director, director, entrepreneur, radio host, writer, musician, actor, politician, lawyer, researcher and racing driver.

Love: The rat has facilities to create new relationships but also to terminate them. He may have problems with infidelity.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3

Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9

Lucky colors: gold, blue and green.

Unlucky colors: yellow and brown.

Flowers Happiness: Lily, African violet.

Lucky Directions: West, Northwest and Southwest.

Unlucky Directions: south and southeast.

Types of Rat

Wood: 1924 – 1984 – Independent, confident, competent, team player.

Fire: 1936 and 1996 – Dynamic, courageous, silent, friendly towards his friends, but demanding towards himself.

Land: 1948 and 2008 – Kind, honest, flexible, modest, serious, confident.

Metal: 1960 – 2020 – Intelligent, talented, grumpy, jealous, selfish. Element in the spotlight for this new year! 

Water: 1912 – 1972 – Talkative, wise, careful.


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