Ayutthaya…a lovely town for a little journey

Getting Back to the Past

Once known as one of the greatest capitals of the world, Siam during 1350-1767; Ayutthaya is the shining historical place. Today the light of this city radiates through its history. Getting to Ayutthaya is not only approaching an exceptional heritage, but is also living an active day in the great outdoors!


At its peak during the late fourteenth century, Ayutthaya was regarded as the most powerful city in South East Asia, especially with their 400 temples. The most powerful kingdom of Siam, which lasted 416 years has influenced the society today in term of state and social structure.

The rivers surrounding the city make this magnificent place a strategic insular position, allowing Ayutthaya prosper and shine in the global recognition.

More than a dozen of temples remain accessible – a one-day package (220 baht) will give you access to all temples and observe the famous Buddha head found in a tree. More importantly, the temples of this kingdom have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991.

You will notice that many statues have been decapitated… In 1767, all of the city was destroyed by lightning Burmese attack. The war between Siam and Burma at the time was very intense.

Did you know that the Ambassadors of King Louis XIV had compared Ayutthaya to Paris. Indeed, the size and wealth of Ayutthaya were like those of the capitals with their lights.




If you are looking for a tourist attraction in Thailand and would like to rent a bike, Ayutthaya is the right place.

What a pleasure to travel on roads lined up with temples. The healthy fresh air awaits you. Look at the sunset in the late afternoon, perceive the majestic silhouettes of temples slowly disappear, while pedalling in a park through little bridges … We assure you that a remembrance of this rare sweetness will be forever in your memory.



 Our Advices
  • It can get very hot. Bring a cap!
  • Ladies, you have to cover those beautiful legs… Women must have legs covered when visiting temples
  • Keep in mind that you must remove your shoes at the entrance of a temple
  • Finally, motivate your friends to join you!
How to get there?

Take the BTS (skytrain) to grab the bus at Victory Monument—directly to Ayutthaya. Once you have deposited the bus, walk 10 minutes towards the first temples. Along the way, you will find the bike rental.



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