Why Investing in Thailand?

Thailand imposed itself as one of the real estate markets the most attractive worldwide. Its dynamic economy, its geographic situation in the heart of Southeast Asia, its paradisiac landscapes and its interesting fiscality seduce each year more than 30 millions of tourists.

The Kingdom, known for its hospitality and its quality of life, with a living cost around twice to three times lower than in France, offers greats perspectives: high-quality modern infrastructures, mid-classes in expansion and diversified landscapes.


Key Numbers of Thailand.

8 Good Reasons to Invest in Thailand.


  1. A Unique Living Framework


If Thailand arrived at the 7th position of the 20 Best Living Countries Ranking, it is because foreigners who live there are feeling well and want to stay there.


Thailand is:

  • Dream weather the whole year.
  • Breathtaking landscapes.
  • Low living cost.
  • Cosmopolitan and smiling population.
  • Low-cost transportations.
  • Delicious and diversified gastronomy.

  1. A Developing Economy.


Seducing expats as well as seniors and investors, the country shows an average expansion rate of 4% on the 5 last years and impose itself as the 2nd Southeast Asia Economy in 2016.


Its status as a founding member of the ASEAN and its strategic position in the heart of Asia assure its economic stability and guarantee a profitable investment with a high valorisation potential.


Besides, with an attractive living cost, a strong culture and a high hospitality sense, Thailand are seeing its touristic flow increased by 20% in average per year.


  1. Hospitality and Respect Senses.


If Thailand is commonly named as the “Country of Smile”, this is not randomly! With their native sense of hospitality, thai people perfectly know how to do to welcome foreigner tourists. Impossible to not be surprised by their kindness, their smile and their good mood. A daily happiness!


  1. High-Quality Infrastructures.


Thailand is before all a country that has known how to become more and more modern throughout the years.


  • The principal cities and seaside resorts do have airports close by, shopping malls, golf, schools, universities, etc … offering a great living comfort.


  • Great investment plans including transportation network development with the arrival of great speed trains.


  • Thailand has also excellent hospitals everywhere in the country and proposes prices extremely competitive while offering a high-quality medicine and a rapid access to cares. Therefore, the Country of Smile became a leading destination of medical tourism worldwide.

  1. A Very Good Price Quality Ratio.


Strong by its dynamism, the demand on the real estate market in Thailand does not stop increasing and to have an offer involving. Apartments, condominiums – with swimming pools, facilities and gyms – or villas, a large range of attractive units in terms of price-quality ratio are available, either for sales either for rent. Prices can vary according to the location and the kind of property.


Besides, real estate industry in Thailand also integrated high standards of construction and design, for the enjoyment of investors.


  1. A Very Attractive Fiscality


Thailand possesses a real estate fiscality very advantageous also.


  • No council taxes – just a low tax on trashes.
  • No property taxes.
  • If the purchase is a rental property investment, the payment of a tax is equivalent to 12.5% of the rental property value estimation.
  • No wealth taxes.
  • No succession rights – under 100 million THB.
  • Low taxation on value during the resale process.
  • For the purchase of an apartment or a house in Thailand, it is the Thai fiscality that will be used – convention of non-double taxation.


  1. High Rental Property Productivity.


New projects attracted investors who wanted to increase their real estate heritage. Rental property investments, especially those with rental guarantee, allows to obtain recurrent profits without worrying about the management. This kind of investment permits people to generate rental profits from 6% to 10% following the location and the kind of property.


  1. Possibility to Become Owner.


In Thailand, it is also possible to become an owner, under certain conditions.


For an Apartment purchase?


Thai legislation allows foreigners to become owners with their own name and for life of an apartment in a residence – type condominium.


There are 3 conditions to respect to this:
  • To buy in a residence – type condominium – offering the whole property.
  • Be sure that 49% of the living surface in the residence has not been sold to other foreigners yet.
  • To transfer the integrality of the funds for the purchase from abroad and in foreign currencies.


For a Villa or a House purchase?


About the purchase of a villa or a house, it is important to know 2 points.

  • The law forbids a foreign person to be the owner of a terrain through his or her own name. However, it is possible to rent the terrain for a long duration – 30 years maximum, renewable.
  • Foreign people can be owners of the property built on the terrain.

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