Top 5 Activities For Retirees In Thailand

Activities in Thailand are not lacking, whether you are a child, teenager, young adult, adult or retired. Every age group can find happiness in the heart of this beautiful warm country with charming and welcoming native people.

But when you leave everything behind to go live and spend your retirement there, how do you deal with it on a daily basis? We are here to help you: here are the Top 5 activities to spend your retirement in Thailand!


Discover all of Thailand

This obviously sounds pretty obvious, but we allow ourselves to remember because Thailand is often equated with beaches and different island archipelagos. But this beautiful country is full of cultural gems in both the North and the South. Each province has its own specificities and even if we can appreciate some places more than others, it is important to widen the spirit by seeking to mix with places as much as individuals different from our daily life.


Learn Thai

Indeed, although the English language is gradually becoming more democratic (especially in places frequented by tourists), all Thais do not yet master the international language. Thus, if you find yourself idle, we strongly advise you to take Thai courses, it will always serve you in the long run, even if it is just basic and simple conversations.


Practice a sport

Practice a sport or physical activity can be a good way to keep busy while meeting people. If you are passionate about golf, for example, you will be fully satisfied with your life in Thailand. In doing so, you can build a circle of friends or acquaintances around the same passion.


Participate in organized activities and events

Keep an eye open. In most major cities of the country, many activities are organized daily, such as dance classes, art exhibitions, concerts … Everyone can find happiness, especially in the heart of the unique chaotic capital…


Get involved in an association

Finally, you can choose to get involved in an association, francophone, anglophone … A humanitarian purpose or not! Everyone can decide and choose what they want. Whether you want to help young underprivileged children or beaten animals, you’ll find what’s right for you.

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