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Which Mobile Plan To Choose When Arriving In Thailand?

Despite a lot of progress on the part of the telephone operators. It is not uncommon to have to end up at the end of the holidays with a salted phone bill, especially when travelling to across the world such as Thailand.

The different operators

As in most countries, there are some major operators that dominate the telephony and internet market in Thailand:

  • TRUE
  • AIS
  • DTAC

The procedure is fast, simple and inexpensive. You will simply need:

Your passport: For guarantee purpose
Cash: No credit card among Thais! Know that prices are very low: on average, it would be around 500 THB for a one-month package with several GIG internet, or around 13 EUR

How to proceed to join a package?

First of all, Know that it is possible to find these operators at the airport. However, unless you have an immediate need, we advise you to wait, for the simple reason that there are a lot of people on site, and you will wait for a long time. Wait to be downtown if you can, it will be easier.

Then, you will be asked how long you plan to stay, in order to define what you need. The very kind employees will provide you with proposals likely to suit you: know that unless there is special demand, you will not get packages to phone or send SMS/MMS, but only an internet package, because the Thais work almost only with applications, such as LINE (Phone application) in particular, very popular in Southeast Asia.

Once you have chosen, your passport will be scanned and you will have to pay. Employees gently install the card immediately to your phone and activate it. And that is all!

Note: Do not be surprised to receive a large number of written messages in Thai from your operator, you have done nothing wrong, they are simply advertising offers.

See you soon in Thailand!


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