5 (very) good reasons to live in Jomtien

Only 1h30 away from Bangkok, Jomtien is a small coastal town on the south side of Pattaya. The two are so close that Jomtien is widely regarded as a part of Pattaya. Jomtien is very popular with tourists, especially among couples or families who enjoy a relaxing environment.

Pack your stuff, here are our 5 good reasons to settle in Jomtien!

  1. Beach, beach and beach

Theater of the most beautiful sunsets, it is here that the beach is the longest and the most beautiful. It stretches on about 6 kilometres from South Pattaya to the entrance of Na Jomtien. In addition to swimming, you will find many things to do: water sports, idleness, myriads of bars and restaurants, etc. You got it, this beautiful beach is undeniably one of the main assets of Jomtien which has nothing to envy to its big sister Pattaya Beach.


  1. A wide selection of housing

For those who would be charmed by this small city, and who would decide to rent or buy a property, they will be spoiled for choice. Jomtien has one of the largest offers in the region. Cheap studios or luxury apartments overlooking the sea, Jomtien meets all types of budget, whether for rent or for sale.


Here is for example what you can find for sale:


It is also important to note that Jomtien often welcomes new projects and that the district is expected to continue its development in the years to come while welcoming more and more visitors each year. An investment aimed at rental income is, therefore, something to consider.


  1. Many activities

For those who expect more than sunbathing all day on the beach, there is a wide range of activities. Are you athletic? Jomtien is made for you, a wide choice of water activities is proposed: jet-skis, diving, parasailing, or boat ride … You can even attend jet-ski world championships.

In Jomtien, you will also find a wide range of bars and restaurants that will delight your taste buds, and the wide choice of leisure and entertainment will leave no one indifferent. For example, Jomtien is home to some of the best Italian restaurants in all of Pattaya, such as Gian’s, Bruno’s and Marco’s, whose chef has recently made his mark by participating in the famous Iron Chef cooking show in which the best chefs from country challenge each other. For those preferring local food, you will not be left out. Indeed, you will find a whole army of restaurants all more succulent than the others; Special mention for Varin Kitchen and its curry and pineapple chicken that simply knocked us back. For the French homesick, do not hesitate to try the Café des Amis which offers incredible food in terms of quality and taste.


  1. Jomtien and his tranquillity

Another undeniable asset that Jomtien has to offer is tranquillity and calm. Indeed, while people looking for festive outings and thrills will prefer downtown Pattaya, Jomtien is perfect for those seeking for peace. And if however, you would indulge in a wild party, Jomtien is only 10 minutes from downtown Pattaya …

  1. The cost

Although the gap is not huge, most of your daily costs such as food or rents will be lower in Jomtien than in central Pattaya, which is not negligible especially when planning an installation. in the medium or long term.

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