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Transportation from Bangkok International Airport

You will have easy access from and to Bangkok airport Suvanarbhumi. The platform is linked to many modern, fast, comfortable and affordable means of transport.

Airport Express:

Airport Express is a shuttle transfert service with A/C from the airport to high-end hotels in Bangkok. The Airport Express operates a network of 4 bus lines in Bangkok city.

Bangkok Brt Map

Bangkok Brt Map

24-hour public bus service is provided from the Bus Terminal at the Transport Center. Take a shuttle bus (Express route) to the Transport Center


You need to know that you’ll have to pay an extra 50 THB for the airport tax and the toll

  • How much? Depends on distance (taxi meter) + 50 THB (airport tax)
  • When? 24h/24
  • Where? Waiting area, level 1
  • Tel : 0-2132-9199

To make a reservation, go to the “Counter Limousine Service”

  • 6 types of limo available with a total of 380 limos
  • A call center for reservation
  • How much? fixed rate
  • Where? Level 2, near arrivals terminal and baggage reclaim area


Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line (SA City Line)

Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line operates between Phaya Thai station and Suvanarbhumi Station, that is to say 6 stations before the airport: Rajaprarop Station, Makkasan Train Stratio, Ramkhanhaeng Station, Maak Hua Station, Tubchang Baan Station and Lardkrabang train station.

  • How much ? from 15 THB to 45 THB Max.
  • How long ? 30 minutes
Suvarnabhumi Airport Express-Makkasan (Makkasan Express Line)

How much? Round-trip 150 THB and one- way ticket 90 THB.

How long? 15 minutes

Suvarnabhumi Airport Express – Phaya Thai (Phaya Thai Express Line)
How much? Round-trip 150 THB and one- way ticket 90 THB.

How long? 17 minutes

For more information:

Plug Adaptor

In Thailand, our electrical plugs are the same as in Thailand, it is not necessary to bring a plug adaptor. However, in remote areas like in the countryside, infrastructures standards may not correspond to international standards and you may need to bring an adaptor in this case. You can buy it eveywhere (shopping mall, supermarket, 7 Eleven…)

Unit of measure

Thai people use the same unit of measure as in France : gram, kilogram, ton, centimeter…

Note : a Thai « khid » is the equivalent of 100 grams

Services quality


Unlike France, services are centralized in Thailand. You’ll find everything that you need at the same place.

At the 7 Eleven, you’ll have access to multiple services :

  • buy cigarettes (24h/24) and alcohol (only from to 2 pm. And from 5pm to midnight)
  • Pay your electricity bill
  • Refill your communication credit
  • Place an order and receive your parcels
  • Buy snacks and drinks

You’ll soon get used to it and will hop in every 7Eleven to enjoy the A/C ! There are more than 7,000 7/Eleven spread throughout the country, in both the urban and rural cities.

In Thailand, the population well-being and confort is a top priority. No matter what time it is, supermarkets and local markets are open 24/7 !  In addition to 7-Eleven, you can also shop at Villa market, Foodland supermarket, et FamilyMart.



Affordable cost of living, Thailand has become the preferred holiday destination for tourists.

1 € = appr. 35 THB

1000 THB = appr. 30€

500 THB = appr. 15€

100 THB = appr. 2€ 80

50 THB = appr. 1€ 40

In the BTS Stations: to buy your one-way token, you will need coins, many foreigners are not used to this. You’ll be able to change your bank notes at any BTS cashier.
Cash withdrawal at the ATMs: even if you have an international credit card, you’ll have to pay the transfer fees (around 200 THB). It’s wiser to withdraw a large amount of cash.
Loyalty programs

In Thailand, people are more likely to use their loyalty card than in any other countries. Customers regularly receive promotions and special offers all year-round. Depending on their mobile operators (AIS, True, DTAC are the major providers), customers will benefit from additional promotions in several sectors (transportation, restaurants, clothing, banks, airlines, cinema, bowling, karaoke…) thanks to the partnerships developed between big local and international companies.

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