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[Bangkok] Ratchadapisek Road, Latprao, Rama 9, Huay Kwang

Passing by the intersection from Asoke, where the busiest part of BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit are located, you will reach through Ratchadapisek. With the MRT subway that was built in 2004, it takes approximately more than 10 kilometres before you would reach Latprao Road to finally join the famous Chatuchak Park where there exists a big junction between MRT subway and BTS skytrain, Mo Chit station.

These parts of the city have been enormously changed since the service of MRT has been placed. For instance, there exist many condominiums and implanted business centres.

Many parts of the city have changed so much since the fancy condominiums have sprung up, shopping centers emerged, and corporate offices are situated. Even Ratchadapisek road where there exist most dynamic streets of the capital, it seems like such phase of rapid development would not easily stop.

Praram 9

Praram 9 or Rama IX is a major intersection reaching through Sukhumvit Road (5 minutes from MRT), and as the official start of Rama 9 Road eastward and northward Ratchadapisek Road .

Regarding the popular shopping malls such as Central Praram 9 and Fortune Town, many business offices, and accommodation like Mercure Hotel; Praram 9 has a full advantage of its central location in Bangkok in order to attract many investors. 


This neighborhood is the theater of a complete overhaul by developers so that it becomes a large business center and an upscale residential park. Many condominium projects are indeed brought up in recent months in the vicinity of the intersection Praram 9. The overall project also includes business skyscrapers under construction, such as G Tower, an office tower in the shape of huge G that will undoubtedly become a symbol of Bangkok in the coming years.

From Praram 9 intersection, we can easily access RCA (Royal City Avenue), famous street with both Thai and foreigners-friendly paradise nightclubs. It is located just north of Central Praram 9, street number 4.

Ratchadapisek Road  (Thailand Cultural Center)

The MRT station after that of Praram 9 is called the Thailand Cultural Center. As the name implies, it is located near the largest Thai cultural center that offers live performances throughout the year, and sometimes the Thai operas open a show here.pic2

Near the station, there are also office buildings and a spacious mall called Esplanade, benefited from the same French architects who created Siam Paragon and Emporium. This shopping center includes a supermarket, several movie theaters, restaurants, schools of music and languages, fitness, karaoke rooms and even an ice rink.

The benefit of this district, one can add the proximity of the imposing Chinese embassy or a nice night market in which you can stroll in the evening, sipping a mango or coconut juice.

Huay Kwang, Sutthisan, Ratchadapisek

The areas around Huay Kwang, Suthhisan, and Ratchadapisek are residential and business zones that go along the three MRT stations. These three neighbourhoods are similar in their respective configurations due to the combining offices and buildings of condominium in the vicinity of metro stations. These areas are only 10-15 minutes from Sukhumvit Road and 5-10 minutes from Praram 9.


The districts of Huay Kwang and Sutthisan in particular have to be expanded considerably in sois (little streets) which depart from the Ratchadapisek Avenue. Once there exist these streets and alleys, a new atmosphere may emerge from the excitement of the avenue, and give way to some houses and condominiums that are carefully scattered.


The two MRT stations located directly on Latprao Road, namely Pahonyothin and Latprao have tremendously upgraded places and condominiums to push up the Latprao Avenue.

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Many condominiums under construction are located near the MRT station Latprao. Moreover, the future Suan Lum Night Bazaar which was once a place near Lumpini Park in downtown will soon come back. This new environment for that famous night market will be very modern, with apartments built into the overall project.

Near the Pahonyothin MRT station, there are two large shopping centers, Central Latprao and Union Mall. This famous mall of the Central Group was the first mall in Thailand to open in 1982 and was again renovated in 2012. It is popular for families and Thai middle class. It is also located just behind the hotel Centara Group. As to Union Mall, it is a favourite place for teenagers and young adults, especially for fashion and clothes.

Three major parks are also close to the metro station. Starting with Chatuchak Park, it is very popular for athletes of every stripe. Attached to it is the park Rot Fai (literally train park), huge and popular with families on weekends browsing the bike. Lastly, the Queen Sirikit Park, little known but relatively large and very original.

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