Medical Marijuana Legalized in Thailand in January 2019?

Thailand may well become the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize the medical use of cannabis … more details in our brand new article. 👇



Thailand VS Marijuana


Thailand leads very hard lives to drug users. Until now, cannabis has been classified as a category 5 narcotic. Smoking, cultivating or possessing cannabis is strictly prohibited and is considered as a criminal offense that directly leads to a prison sentence of up to 15 years.


Thai authorities do not joke with drugs. It is not uncommon to see police carrying out surprise checks and body searches at the exit of nightclubs for example. Directly at the entrance, or by stopping the taxis, the officers do not let anything pass.  


Two French men arrested in Phuket with cocaine and cannabis in 2014.




Tuesday 13th Novembre 2018


“Thailand become the 1st Southeast Asian country to legalize the medical cannabis.”


On Tuesday, November 13th, the Thai government approved a new reform aimed at legalizing the medical use of cannabis. Initially, the suggestion comes straight from the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), which must now convince the military government to go in its direction. Thailand opens the dance and becomes the first country in Southeast Asia to take this big step. An example to follow for the surrounding countries?





What are the positive consequences for Thailand?


The main reason is economic. The Kingdom of Siam wants to take part in the medical cannabis market, which is estimated at more than $ 10 billion, and which would open the country to a whole new international window. This interest undoubtedly comes from the country’s past. Few people know this, but Thailand was one of the largest exporters of cannabis in the 1980s.



Dr. Nopporn Cheanklin, General Manager of the GPO, said: “Twenty years ago, the best varieties of cannabis in the world came from Thailand, and now Canada has taken over. “…” That’s why we have to multiply our efforts to compete again with them.




Why is Thailand the perfect candidate for legislation?


Thailand, besides being already experienced in this field, is a very attractive destination for local and foreign producers of cannabis. Why ? For its annual tropical climate, of course, which means lower production costs, because less artificial light needed and less temperature control needed.



In addition to the many country-specific benefits, we can also highlight the fact that Thailand is the leading destination in terms of medical tourism thanks to many aspects such as: international recognition, multiple accreditations, experts from all over the world, etc. This legalization should therefore only encourage even more international visitors who come especially to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the country.




… January 2019?


After the GPO’s strong suggestion last May, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Military Government gave its consent for the study of the effects of medical cannabis. The bill is currently being debated in the Assembly. … case to follow. 😉


If the GPO’s proposal is officially accepted, Thailand will be able to use cannabis to treat medical conditions from next January 2019. Patients with various diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer can benefit from marijuana to relieve their pain.




Cannabis and Disease?


Formerly, in Thailand, cannabis was used to relieve pain and nausea during childbirth. It was usually grown for personal use by field workers.


More generally, medical cannabis is already legal in many countries such as: Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, etc.


Its therapeutic effects are listed by the International Association for Medical Cannabis. Among them, one can see a help for nausea, anorexia, spasms, asthma and above all pain. Although still controversial, the use of medicinal cannabis is beginning to find its place in international culture.





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