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Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches , jungles, golden temples, delightful smiles and jewelry … In fact, when we think about Thailand, many people associate the country to the expertise of jewelry and accessory. About Thailand Living team is taking you to discover such treasure that comes along with the Thai art and culture…


Strategic location

Located in the heart of Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand boasts an intermediate position of precious stones. The Indians and Chinese, two key players in the stone business are found at halfway in Thailand. Sapphires of Skri Lanka as Burmese rubies also pass through Thailand, the country is thus considered a hub of the stone, making it the world center for the coloured stones industry.


Valuable economy

In Thailand, sapphire deposits have spawned a large industry. Today, gems and jewelry, with the exception of gold, is the third largest export sector, according to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce of the country, behind automotive and IT.



The undeniable expertise

If Thailand is among the top ten global jewelry and jewelry manufacturers thanks to the skills of these skilful artisans. “It is simply a godsend , we have the grace to receive, “explains Amnaj Wonghirun, who has been making the unique pieces for 20 years in his workshop in Bangkok.” And the sense of aesthetics is rooted in our culture.”



Why buy jewelry in Thailand?

We met Kruti and her sister, the two disigners who hold a jewelry shop for two years: Diamonds Eden. The world of gemstones is no huge secret for them because their father has worked for 30 years for diamonds in Bangkok. “Buying jewelry in Thailand it is first subtract the price 20% of foreign VAT. Also, hand out is cheap. When we add these two factors together, it can easily be a reduction from 30% to 40 % equivalent jewelry in France.” “The price is therefore a strong point. We add to this the sentimental aspect because once you go back home with a bit of Thailand, your jewelry will make sense! ” -Kruti

Why buy a gemstone ?

“Apart from such investment of wearing a stone, it is to be in permanent contact with a creation of nature. For my part, I would say that the stones used to be better connected with the world around us and to be with yourself. When my clients are picky, I advise them a stone that matches their birthday, “the birth stone” , because each month is associated with one stone. And as regards the men who are reluctant to offer a fine jewelry to their wives, we always remind them that behind every talent, there is always a smart woman! ” Kruti explained.


How to avoid a scam?

“If you want to put the odds on your side to avoid scams, you must ask specific questions to identify if the seller is a professional or not: weight, size, origin are important. Plus, do not forget to ask for a certificate.”

Design_picture Eden diamond diva


If you are looking for a real historic center of gemstones in Thailand, visit Chanthaburi.



For more information, make an appointment with the jewelry experts in Bangkok…


Mr. Amnaj Wonghirun

Téléphone : 087-909-8295

11, soi Charoen Nakorn 45 Charoen Nakorn road, Ket Klongsorn, Bankok, 1060


Diamonds Of Eden

Open: Monday to Friday 10 am – 06 pm

Gems Tower  9th Floor – office 1249/78D

Charoengkrung soi 47/3 Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Thailand 02 267 5318

[email protected]

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