What to Visit in Thailand during a family holiday ?

Are you planing a family vacation and looking for the best resorts for families ? Thailand is great to enjoy an exciting family outing.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is great for families as there are lots of national parks and playing areas there. First, you can visit the Doi Inthanon National Park. With the natural beauty of the park, there are also some very spectacular waterfalls. Besides, there are about 330 species of birds that could be found there. If you want to have fun with elephants, you can head to Maesa Elephant Camp. Kids can feed and bath the elephants in this Camp. Another beautiful place is the Kad Suan Kaew. Families with toddlers and small kids will love the games area. Therefore, this place awaits your discovery.

Wat Phra Singh 3Bangkok

This city has a broad range of attractions as well as a great variety of food and culture. The Grand Palace is the first place that is worth a visit. With its beautiful architecture and intricate detail, this Palace effectively attracts many travellers. You can find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, one of the most sacred sites in Thailand. A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without going to the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. There are over 30,000 curious looking creatures that would attract the entire family. If you like, you can visit the Siam Ocean World as well.
Bangkok 10


How about the island of Krabi ? This place is situated on the West Coast of Southern Thailand. Krabi features small islands where you can relax with sun, sea, sand and many other activities. You can find some world-class beaches such as Ao Nang Beach or Tup Islands. Many activities on the beach including kayaking, snorkelling and rock climbing are at your disposal. You can also head to Khao Phanom Bencha National Park. There are rare wild animals there. Kids of all ages will be wowed by elephants, caves galloping waterfalls. However, if a trip to another country as France or Spain tempts you, a rental car would be an extra complementary.
Krabi 3

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