Thailand ranked in the top 10 favorite destinations for expatriates

Are you sick of your current routine? Want to immerse yourself into a new culture? Have you ever thought about expatriation? Before planning on moving for good in a country, it is necessary to know which country is going to fit you best.

In the top 10 of the countries where expats feel best, 5 are Asians. You might ask yourself what is so attractive about Asia?


Thailand is a dreamy destination for retirees and young individuals that want to expatriate. Before deciding to expatriate, people usually evaluate the quality of life, family life (arrival conditions and education for children) and their financial situation (home country economy, salary). Those criteria have shown that Asia is one of the most favourable region to expatriate.

The cost of living in Thailand is considerably lower than in western countries. Thailand is nowadays more and more influenced by western culture but its authentic culture and traditions are still charming people from all over the world.

Apart from low costs of transportation and tropical temperatures, Thai food is also part of reasons why people rave about the land of smiles. Tasty dishes, exotic fruits and more than reasonable prices will drive you nuts.


From north to south, east to west, breathtaking landscapes will make you wonder why you have waited so long before making your choice. The beauty of natural resources won’t disappoint you in the Kingdom of Siam.


Thailand is also a fast developing country. You will also be impressed by the skyscrapers and shopping malls as well as the modern infrastructures.

Thailand is also outstanding for its real estate market. Investing in real estate in Thailand could be more profitable than you think. A significant number of foreigners have notice that and acquire impressive apartments part of condominiums all equipped and serviced for very attractive prices.


According to a study made on internations.org, expatriates in Thailand are happy in their love relationships, taking the 8th position in the ranking.

 Why not give it a try and discover beyond what you could expect?

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