Visakha Bucha Celebration, the Buddha’s Day

This 29th of May 2018, the Visakha Bucha celebration will take place in Thailand. This Buddhist celebration has a major importance for the country and will unit everyone from the Land of Smiles, right one month after the wonderful Songkran Festival.



This religious event celebrates three major steps of Buddhism: Buddha’s birth, his waking and his ascension to the Nirvana.


  • Buddha’s Birth: the Buddha was born on 623 before JC.


  • Buddha’s Awakening: this one, also called illumination, took place in 588 before JC, when he was 35 years old.


  • Buddha’s Ascension to the Nirvana: 45 years after his awakening, it is his ascension to the Nirvana or Paradise, so in 543 before JC.


Visakha Bucha’s date depends on the lunar cycle, therefore, the date can vary according to the years. Nevertheless, it is always during the full moon in May.




A lot of celebrations will take place around the country. The temples and the pagodas will be mainly visited for lots of promises’ deliveries. During the whole day and the evening, processions and homages will also be done. Decorated chariots with flowers and gifts will roll with the monks and the believers during this Buddhist celebration.




This day is the most important one for the Buddhist calendar. Therefore, some restrictions will be set around the country. It will be impossible to buy alcohol during 24 hours and public administrations will be closed – schools, banks, etc … Consuming alcohol in bars or restaurants will also be prohibited. Also, it is an official holiday day.

This 29th of May 2018, the Kingdom of Thailand will enter one of its most important dates and celebrate Visakha Bucha all around the country, whether in the big cities or in the hidden provinces.

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