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Useful information about golf in Thailand

Beyond the high quality of its golf courses, Thailand is also renowned to be the golfer’s paradise for its attractive prices.

With its tropical climate and landscapes, Thailand is legitimately the number 1 Asian destination when it comes to golf.

The best times to play


Since Thailand is a tropical country, climate is an important factor to play golf. During the year, 3 seasons follow each other: the fresh season, the warm season and the monsoon season.

The best time to play golf in Thailand is during the fresh season, between November and February. Temperatures are pleasant, between 25 and 30°C. And more important, sun is shining all the time during these 4 months, and moisture is lower than the rest of the year. Playing golf during fresh season is a treat.

Since it is the best season to play golf in Thailand, this is also the most touristic season… hotels and golf courses are highly prized.

The fresh season is followed by the warm season, from March to May. It is during this season that temperatures are skyrocketing. During the day, thermometer reads more than 30°C. However, it is still fine to play during the morning since temperatures increase during the day. Moreover, there is almost no risk to be caught in the rain during this period.

The monsoon season begins in June and ends up in October. It is the worst season to play golf since the rain is unpredictable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it rains every day and constantly. Even if it is not the best season to play golf due to the humidity, golfs are still open.


Different regions, different seasons


Seasons differ depending on the regions. Hua Hin is the city with one of the lowest amount of rain during the year. In Bangkok and Pattaya, rains last about one hour per day and happen often at the end of the day, which allow you to play in the morning.

Koh Samui benefits from a pleasant climate from June to October, unlike Phuket where rain is strong during this season. But from October until the end of December, it is the rain season in Koh Samui, while the other destinations the sun appears again.

Attractive prices

PA-siamgolf-150x150In Thailand, prices to play golf differ a lot depending on the fame of the course, the period of the year, and the material rental.

The golf fee is most of the time the main expense for a player. It depends of the fame of the course and the time of the year you want to play. For instance, the lowest price is 1000THB (20€) for a basic course, but it can cost up to 5000 THB (100€) during the most touristic season in a world renowned golf such as the Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket.

You have to add to the gold fee other expenses such as golf cart, caddy, and golf clubs rental.

In some of the golfs, it is mandatory to rent a golf cart to move along the course, while some of them do not even offer this service. Getting around in a golf cart is a substantial luxury, especially during the hot season. The rental price varies between 600 and 1000 THB (12-20€) per person.


All golf players have to be accompanied by a caddy

golf_hua_hinCaddy’s mission is to take care of the golfer by managing golf clubs or giving advices throughout the course. Depending on the courses, he is either paid by tips or as a fixed price dictated by the Golf (generally not exceeding 400 THB, around 10€)

Experienced players prefer to play with their own equipment. However, for the less experienced players, or those who do not want to bring their own golf bag, you can easily by a set of golf, and even shoes. In the club, rental price varies from 600 to 2000 THB (12 to 60€). For golf shoes, price never exceeds 400 THB (around 10€)

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