Transport development in Phuket

Phuket is becoming one of the top tourist and economic destination of the Kingdom. To support the development of the largest island in Thailand, several infrastructure projects, particularly in terms of transport are in progress or about to start.

Extension of the Phuket International Airport

1346568839_4226Phuket International Airport is the second largest airport of Thailand in terms of passenger traffic, after the Bangkok Airport.

Following the steady tourists growth on the island, 9.7 million in 2013, the airport will expand on many levels. Indeed, new facilities will be set up to accommodate over 12.5 million passengers.

This project will include a new international terminal, a five floors underground car park, a cargo terminal, a taxiway expansion will be ended by May 2015. The Phuket airport development is essential because it serves more than 50 lines in Asia and also Europe as Zurich, Frankfurt, Budapest, or Stockholm.

A Paris-Phuket airline will also open by November 2014. Finnair will be in charge of managing the line from Charles de Gaulle airport.

Construction of a pier

1388722750_1To decrease the global transport costs of the new arrivals on the island and their travel time to their places of residence, a jetty will be available next to the airport. This initiative will reduce also road traffic, and will allow passengers to go to Patong in 25 minutes, instead of 45 minutes by car and an hour to go to Karon.

It will serve tourist areas of the west coast. In the longer term, the ferry destinations could also be extended to Krabi, Phang Nga, Koh Racha and Koh Phi-Phi islands.

The tram

phuket-1-10814QZCdJiWuulrJoDGfwjXclmMVYdA new project will be set up soon in Phuket, project that has been under discussions since last year.

Indeed, the government has decided to build a tram, LRT – Light Rail Tram-to serve the important places of the island, such as government offices, schools, parks and markets. One of his main objectives is to reduce the island pollution by decreasing the number of road drivers.

The tram route was decided on June 3rd. This conveyance will be 30 meters long and can contain 400 passengers. It will start from Tha Noon, in the province of Phang Nga Bay, until Chalong Circle and will go through Phuket Town and Phuket International Airport.

This project represents a significant investment from the government, about 30 billion bahts so as to develop all necessary infrastructures such as roads, electrical engineering and car park near the stops.

Finally, construction is expected to start within the next 3 years, to improve travel conditions for the inhabitants.

Tunnel construction in Patong

1345537014_1To improve traffic flow and secure roads in the busy city of Patong, two 1.5 kilometers length tunnels will be built. Both will be one-sided and will welcome cars and motorcycles.

This project will begin in 2017.

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