The Artist’s House

The City of Angels is full of unusual and amazing places. Today, we are talking about Bâan Silapin, the House of Artists. Located on the corner of Khlong Bang Luang, this 200-years old family home was bought and restored by a group of artists. It makes it an atypical place full of charm.

Located on the left bank of Bangkok (the part known as Thonburi), the place is perfect for a quiet afternoon. Walking through the surrounding streets gives an impression of travelling in time, when car did not exist yet and where the canals were kings.
Beyond the paintings and sculptures that you will admire, everyday, the Artist’s House offers you a free traditional Thai puppet show. The puppets recount Thailand’s epic national history, princes, princesses and demons stories, the Ramakien and the monkey king. Rendezvous at 2PM to enjoy !
After the show, the children will be able to participate in paintings and masks creating workshops. It is also possible to eat on site. Or just enjoy a coffee, feed the fish and watch the boats scroll on the canal.
It will also be an opportunity to visit the Kamphaeng Pak Khlong temple and admire its murals paintings as it is not far from the house.

How to access the Artists’ house ?

BTS: Take the boat from Saphan Taksin and stop at Baan Silanpin.
Taxi: Go to Charansanitwong Road soi 3. At the end of the street there is a 7-Eleven, the taxi can not go any further, it is time for you to get off. Cross the small bridge over the klong then turn left and go along the canal on the pontoon in front of the wooden houses about 100 meters.

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