The 3 must-see temples in Choeng Mon, Samui

Thailand has a rich cultural history deeply rooted in the Buddhist religion, the large number of
temples and the way they are generated by the local people prove it.

Here are the 3 must-see buildings in the Choeng Mon region…..

Big Buddha

Probably the most popular sacred place on the island, the golden Buddha statue built in 1972 is 12
meters tall. Located on a small rocky island accessible by a tiny road, you can see the Big Buddha
several kilometres away. You can also buy a temple tile, not to carry it with you, but to write a
message on it. Your tile will be kept in the temple, notice to the romantics!

Wat Plai Laem

Located near Choeng Mon Beach, Wat Plai Laem is arguably the most interactive and colourful temple
in Samui. Built on a lake, this Chinese temple is unique. The huge statue of Guanyin with 18 arms and
a large number of statues and murals will surprise you. Croquettes to feed the sacred lake fishes
are available for sale at the entrance of the temple, you will be surprised seeing the amount and size
of these fish!

Khao Hua Jook Chedi

The Chedi is located at the top of the sacred mountain Choc Daow, so you will have to park at the
foot of the stairs that lead to the splendid panoramic view. At the summit, the views of the coast, the
green valleys and Lake Chaweng will take your breath away. In distance will appear the Big Buddha.
Not much touristy, this temple offers a very appreciable calm to contemplate the beauty of the island
and to recover. No picture of the view in this article to keep a total surprise.

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