Chinese New Year 2018 – Year of the Dog

Happy Spring Celebration! Or as we would commonly say; Happy Chinese New Year! Today is a particular celebration that is not only taking place in China, also in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and … Thailand! This 16th of February, we can say bye to the year of the Rooster and welcome to the year of the Dog!


Even if the event is – before all – a way to meet our family, it is also a golden occasion to enjoy the different festivities available everywhere. During this period, stores are closed and metros, hotels and street are super busy!

Some Rules and Traditions.
  • The oldest distribute red envelopes containing one or some bank notes to the youngest ones.
  • The New Year’s Eve dinner is very generous. In general, preparation starts the day before and the dishes are cooked the d-day. More than 10 different dishes are shared on the same table.
  • According to the tradition, we make firecrackers explode to keep away the malicious spirits away.
  • To show respect to the ancestors, people are “sending” us “gifts” to the beyond by burning fake notes.
  • The colour red is a sign of luck and good fortune. Traditionally, people wear red accessories or red clothes to protect themselves from a potential misfortune.


Chinese New Year in Thailand.


Bangkok: Each year, the biggest celebration is in the district of Yaowarat, the Chinatown of the Thai capital. This year, an official open ceremony will be presided by Her Royal Highness the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn followed by parades, acrobatic performances, concerts, food stands and expositions…



Phuket: The Chinese community is also very present in Phuket. The Chinese New Year will take place in the old town. 



Chiang Mai: Loved by all the Chinese tourists, the festivities will take place in the Chinese district close to Warorot Market with coloured parades, Chinese cultural spectacles, lanterns, expositions, Mister Tai Chi and Qichong election …

Chiang Mai

The Chinese Community in Thailand.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated all along the country for a simple reason: a great part of the population within the city has Chinese origins. We estimate that 14% of the Thai population is from a Chinese ascendance, which explains the important influence of this community in the Land of Smiles.

Year of the Dog.


The Dogs are very loyal to their beloved ones and do have a good nature from their birth. They aspire to a peaceful life and a good family. They are not that concerned about their personal interest but will feel hurt if they have to front others’ betrayal.


Attributes: honest and loyal, kind and prudent, capable of anything to help the people who are important to them.

Work: thanks to their loyal nature, Dogs are perceived as valuable employees. Easy to live with, kindly and always delighted to lighten the work charge of the others.

Love: They do not fall in love that easily but when they do, Dogs are loyal and faithful.

Jobs Advised: policeman, scientist, interior designer, profesor, politicien, nurse.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4 and 9.

Misfortune Numbers: 1, 6 and 7.

Lucky Colors: Red, green and purple.

Misfortune Colors: Blue, white and gold.

Lucky Flowers: Rose, Orchid and Cymbidium.

Lucky Directions: East, south and north-east.

Misfortune Direction: South-east.


Types of Dogs.

Wood: 1994 – sincere, faithful, caring, understanding and patient.

Fire: 1946 and 2006 – intelligent, diligent et sincere.

Earth: 1958 and 2018 – communicative, serious and responsible in their work. Element honoured for this new year.

Gold: 1970conformist, prudent, attract and helpful.

Water: 1982brave, egocentric, closed to financial subjects.


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