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Thailand: The Boom Of Cosmetic Surgery

In recent years, cosmetic surgery has extended in Thailand. It has become the leading destination in Southeast Asia and the 21st largest in the world. Rhinoplasty, mammoplasty and liposuction, more than 112.800 operations are performed on thousands of patients from all continents each year in Thailand.

Thailand, eldorado of cosmetic surgery

Asia is the fastest growing Asian continent in terms of cosmetic surgery, according to the ISAPS report. The kingdom should even surpass European by 2018. In 2016, Thailand was among the top 20 countries in the world recognized for cosmetic surgery. The world champion is the United States with 4.2 Million operations, 17.9% of the total operations carried out in the word.

In Thailand, 112.800 aesthetic operations have been officially performed there, but this figure is certainly well below reality and does not take into account operations performed by non-specialized surgeons.

60% of patients who had cosmetic surgery in Thailand in 2016 were foreign, making Thailand the world’s leading destination of medical tourism for cosmetic surgery, ahead of Lebanon and Egypt. Of the foreign patients in Thailand, Australians are the most numerous, followed by New Zealanders and Singaporeans. In 2017, Bamrungrad Hospital considered one of the best hospitals in Asia, treated 1.1 Million patients, of whom 520,000 were foreigners or half.

Bestsellers: Blepharoplasty and Mammoplasty

The blepharoplasty (16.584 operations) and breast enhancing (14.435 operations) topped preferences but Thais are getting more and more in the operations of the face including the nose. in 2016, Thailand recorded 12,182 rhinoplasties. In 4th and 5th positions, we find liposuction (9,173 operations) and abdominoplasty (4,598 operations).

The latest fashionable procedure of women is vaginoplasty. The operation whose cost estimated at 1,200 EUR, aims to rejuvenate vagina. Although this operation is unusual, Thai women over 40 are more and more likely to seek for it.

The rise of the masculine market

Globally, 86.2% of cosmetic surgery interventions were of the women in 2016, compared to only 13.8% of men.

Even if the imperative of the perfect body weights more heavily, men are not spare by the complex and Thai surgeons see more and more men customers. If abdominoplasty and liposuction are the favorites, the magnification of the male sex is more and more successful in the kingdom.

The new trend affecting the male market is the laser peeling of the skin of their genital to whiten it. A clinic in Bangkok offers since months questions penis bleaching for about 600 EUR.

Price and time

Other peculiarities of the Thai medical system attract tourists. When compared with other countries, waiting time of an appointment or surgery is much shorter.

Patients can orchestrate their surgery from abroad by contacting the hospital and doctors by email or telephone. Most of the time, translators and interpreters accompany non-English speakers in formalities and during consultations.

Beyond the quality of care, hospital rooms closely resemble luxury hotel suites. Equipped kitchen, wifi connection, flat screen TV, modern decoration and neat… Nothing is too beautiful to seduce patients!

Thailand is on the list of the CHEAPEST destinations for a cosmetic procedure.

The surgeons and other hospital staff are courteous and service-oriented. Getting superb care at a cheaper price is definitely what makes Thailand one of the sought-after places for getting a variety of plastic surgery procedures to enhance a person’s look. Each procedure and client is treated with confidentiality. Those who go to Thailand can expect world-class service.

Scalpel tourism encouraged by the Thai government

Every year, the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) organizes a competition with a special price. The three big winners of the “Thailand Extreme Makeover” win a stay in a luxurious Thai hotel and especially a series of cosmetic surgery operations. lifting, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, teeth … Everything goes on!

Open to applicants from around the world, this contest is funded by the government and major hospitals to promote cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

Before and after photo of Chen Yuan, winner of the 2nd season of the contest

In 2016, a new measure was put in place by the Thai government to encourage medical tourism. Indeed, the state has extended the duration of visas for medical treatment, from 30 days to 90 days.

This new law will allow foreign patients to plan several surgery interventions and combine medical treatment and vacation in Thailand.

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