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Thailand Real Estate: 3 Ways to invest

Thailand has one of the most attractive real estate markets in the world and enjoys a particularly favourable legal and tax environment.

With its 35 million tourists a year, its dynamic economy, its quality infrastructure and its status as a dream destination, the country has built a real reputation in the real estate market and offers exceptional investment opportunities.

Do you want to settle in Thailand to live long term? Do you have a plan to invest to capitalize on the growth of tourism? or do you simply dream of coming to spend your retirement in the sun? for this, there are three main types of real estate investment possible in Thailand, each corresponding to your expectations and your desires.

1. Residential Investment

Expatriates, families or retirees, Thailand seduces more and more foreigners, the latter being attracted by the cost of the attractive life as well as by the fame and the exceptional quality of life.

2. Resort investment

To make an investment in a resort is to benefit from a second home a few weeks in the year, and enjoy rental income the rest of the time.
This type of investment is attracting more and more people wishing to combine rental yield and personal use. Thus, they benefit from their investment both personally and financially.

3. Rental Investment

Due to growing demand from locals but also foreigners, rental investment has become a way to diversify its real estate portfolio while ensuring an attractive return on investment.



Thailand is considered to have one of the most interesting rental property markets with:

  • An average of 7% rental yield
  • Some rental guarantees that can go up to 15 years
  • Of redemption guarantees up to 15 years with over 10%
  • Low taxes on property and management fees
  • An increase in demand from expats, retirees and holidaymakers
Who buys?

The people most likely to buy now in Thailand are locals with high purchasing power, foreigners from Asia or Europe, as well as other investors, such as retirees or expatriates, the panel is varied.

– They make up dynamic middle class
– 80,000 are millionaires in US dollars

– They are mainly Asians and Europeans
– Many turns to rental investment (investors, retirees, expatriates…)
– They are very present at the residential level because there is a large community of expatriates and retirees

Who praises?

In Thailand, leases that are established for less than 1 year generally concern businessmen, students, or tourists for a holiday rental by night or by the week. Locals and expatriates settled in Thailand are involved in long-term rentals (between 1 and 3 years).

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