Thai Mysterious Behaviours

It is normal to find many new cultures or behaviours a little too exotic or…even too strange, especially when you move to a foreign country. Certainly, this happens to many of those Thailand lovers, too. Found a number of strange habits in Thailand, these beauties make what Thailand very unique, and of course, that you will love to discover even more!


Thai customs and traditions take some times getting used to, even the Thais cannot give you a perfect reason behind them… From not touching people’s heads to having bad luck to nap at 5pm, these situations will surprise you.

  • Touching each other’s head or passing anything over any person’s head without permission is so wrong. Because the head is considered as a sacred part of your body and soul, disrespecting it; especially putting your feet near the head is a big NO NO.
  • Quite difficult to explain in English, “Greng Jai” has been absorbed in the Thai culture and mentality. It means you are afraid that someone will be bothered. This is one of the reasons why Thais seem to be very shy and, at the meantime, sympathetic. For example, we would feel “Greng Jai” to ask someone to drive us home, although it gets already dark and dangerous, and lonely at night…
  • Thais don’t point. Pointing at someone is usually considered as disrespectful. Instead, you should bend your hand downwards with your fingers leaning toward the floor and your palm facing upward to indicate someone/something.
  • Late afternoon nap is not recommended since it can make you extremely tired. Some believe that a ghost will try to haunt you while some would say that this is scientific; you feel exhausted because your body adjusts to the time changing.
  • From J-Pop to K-pop cultural influence in Thailand, many Thais seem to get a little too much into having (too) bright skin/ or white. From whitening the body, face, to even armpits (!), this is one of the reasons why whitening cream is expensive in this country.
  • Unlike Western culture, tipping is not compulsory in Thailand. Especially when a customer service charge is already applied, tipping is usually not what Thais concern.
  • Thailand is a hot country. For that reason, getting cool seems to be very important and we always put some ice in a glass of beer. The pleasure of sipping really cold beer is just much more valuable than the taste of the beer…

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This is Thailand(!). There are certain things Thai people do that often seem strange for the expats living here. What else can you recall? What else makes this beautiful culture really Thai!? Learn more about Thai culture with #AboutThailandLiving

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