[Samui] The East of Koh Samui: Chaweng and Lamai

Lamai and Chaweng cover much of the east coast of Samui island. Chaweng and Lamai, a little north further south, have become the center of tourism in the island. Through long and beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants and bars are located in these two seaside towns.


A few miles south of the beautiful Chongmon beach is Chaweng. The main advantage of having exciting activity in the city makes the vast range of 7 km of white sand, the longest of the island. Hotels and resorts are located there and the shops and bars are to make Chaweng Beach the most popular and busiest of the island. All hotel choices are being presented from the small bungalow on the beach to the upscale beachfront with its own tropical pool.

Because of its key role in the island’s economy and its attractiveness to tourists, Chaweng has a large range of restaurants. Thai restaurants are, of course, numerous but the choice is not limited to them alone. International cuisine is available where you will find the flavors of Asia (Japanese, Chinese, etc.), America (American, Mexican, etc.) and, certainly, European (French, Italian, Irish, etc.). The delights of the food are not limited to restaurants. To fulfil the eyes, nose and stomach, Laemdin market is the perfect place with its stalls of exotic fruits, meats, and fish freshly caught.

Young people are significant clients of Chaweng, especially for the nightlife. Bars and pubs are inside or outside, some with bands playing every night of the year and / or having big screens for watching various international sports live, mainly football. In addition to bars, Chaweng has many nightclubs that delight something special like reggae pub, solo, green mango, sound advertising, etc.

Every Saturday night, a very popular night market is held at Chaweng and a Thai boxing show discovers this ancient fighting art in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

The largest concentration of tourists in Chaweng also attract private hospitals with international standards; including Bangkok Hospital, Thai International Hospital, and Bandon Hospital.


Just south of Chaweng is Lamai. Known as the second best known and longest beach of Koh Samui, it is an important place of tourism in the island. The four kilometers of fine sand and shallow water allow a pleasant swim for all. Many water activities are available on the beach (jet skiing, diving, parasailing, etc.) and street vendors offer their fresh products to visitors. The extreme south of the beach became famous thanks to its rocks. Two of these have the form of what may be guessing male and female voyageurs. Very close to each other, these two rocks are called Hin Ta Hin Yai, literally grandfather and grandmother. More than a geological curiosity, for Thai both rocks have a spiritual value that is the grandfather and the grandmother of the island.

From small guesthouse in luxury resort, the whole range hotel is found in Lamai and its surroundings. The atmosphere is festive and suitable for those coming in a family. Plus, a multitude of restaurants and bars here also have a vibrant nightlife.

The shops exist everywhere along the road, varied and ideal for strolling before sipping a cocktail by the beach. A new modern shopping center with a supermarket was also opened in 2009 just outside the city. Every Saturday night, a free exhibition of female Thai boxing comes to exalt the city center. On Sunday evening, it is the turn of the traditional night market to come animating the resort.

The geographical location of Lamai is great on the island being both close to tourist attractions from the north (Giant Buddha, temples, Chaweng) and the airport. Heading south, you will find a tiger zoo with its shows, an animal park with elephants, and a lovely butterfly farm. Lamai is also close to waterfalls and cascades south of the island that can be found in the middle of the forest.

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