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The Difference Between Construction in Thailand Vs the USA

Construction is similar in Thailand when compared to the United States. New homes need permits before they can be constructed, similar construction practices are used during the building process of a home, and similar professionals work on Thai houses. With that said, there are some significant differences in the construction process as well, and it’s crucial to understand those differences before having a home of your own built.

Different Construction Practices

Teak wood is used extensively in-home construction in Thailand. It’s used for flooring, walls and for structural purposes in some instances. While it’s not used as extensively as it once was for construction, teak is still very common. That means if you enjoy the look of teak wood you’ll love the look of your finished home, if not you’ll have to consider other options available to you, because Teak is the standard. Most homes in America rely on thinner walls that are made from 2×6 boards. This isn’t the case in Thailand under most circumstances and instead homes are built with thicker block construction. It’s common for houses to be built of bricks or cement, that why they are very thick and sturdy. Houses are just built in a other way in Thailand, therefore it’s important to work with a local professional who understands these differences.

Land Ownership

It’s essential to understand the challenges of land ownership in Thailand. Foreigners are generally not allowed to own land, but they can put a property onto someone else’s land. What that means is people often lease land from a Thai citizen and then build on top of that. It’s important to obtain a right of superficies on the land that you’re building, to ensure that the house remains in place and nothing is done to it.

Building Permits are Essential for Resale

While it’s possible to put up a house without a building permit in Thailand, doing so will ensure that you can’t legally resell it later. A permit shows that you have ownership of the house, and that you got permission to build it in the final location. That’s why it’s imperative to obtain a permit before having a house constructed.

Before going ahead and planning your dream home in Thailand, make sure that you take time to talk with a professional contractor about the costs and work involved in the process. This is the only way that you’ll get accurate estimates and find out how to make the most of your building project. Creating a house in Thailand is no simple project, and you need talented professionals on your side when going through the process from start to finish. A high-quality contractor can help guide you through the process and make sure you get the home you’re looking for. Call a local contractor that’s experienced with Thai building and get his help before spending any money at all. It’s the best way to proceed with new construction.

Article by Melissa Villalobos

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