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7 Addresses for a Perfect Brunch in Chiang Mai

Are you a visitor of the cultural capital of Thailand, or an expat looking for the perfect brunch? Do not panic ! We found the 7 best addresses for a brunch in Chiang Mai … to test and to approve. 😉


#1 Chiang Mai Breakfast World


For a home-like atmosphere and a brunch under the hearty / delicious idea, Chiang Mai Breakfast World is number 1! If its name evokes you various breakfasts and brunches from different countries … you’re right. 😉



Buried in a narrow street of the old town, this small restaurant offers its visitors quality / quantity. You are calm style in the morning? No problem! Enjoy the peaceful, green surroundings of this charming mid-Thai mid-German café for a perfect late morning. 💫


Phone : +66 53 278 209

Open from Monday to Saturday from 07AM to 5PM, and on Sunday from 07AM to 2PM


#2 Cat House


A good brunch when you are a vegetarian? It’s possible at the Cat House! No cats here, just a colorful and outdoor decor that makes it the perfect choice for a relaxing morning with friends or a romantic brunch with your other half. 🌺



Are you a late-riser? No problem! The breakfast menu is available all day long to give you a little time to get out of bed.


The Cat House offers a gourmet alliance of Thai cuisine and international cuisine, with a focus on healthy, organic produce. 🍑🥕🍍 Some rather original juices are also waiting for you, with sometimes surprising combinations like … banana and ginger or mango and cinnamon. Curious? 😉


Phone : +66 95 179 6896

Open Every Day From 07AM to 10PM


#3 Clay Studio Coffee


This little gem is described as one of the most peaceful cafes in Chiang Mai by many travelers bloggers. And for good reason, you literally have lunch in a garden of Buddhas. Are you Zen style? No problem! You will be easily bordered by the song of birds and the splash of fountains in the garden of Clay Studio Coffee. 🦋



More than the pleasant decor, this café also offers many options for our vegetarians and vegans … and for the rest. Ranging from a classic light breakfast to spicy Thai dishes, this coffee shop offers a wide menu where you can not miss a treat. 🍜


Phone : +66 53 278 187

Open Every Day From 08AM to 05PM


#4 Fern Forest Café


You guessed it by reading its name, this coffee is recognizable by its environment especially green. Hidden in a small street in the old town, you will have the impression of entering a secret corner by the door of this real miniature forest. The decor is simply fairy; a bit like entering “Wonderland“, according to Anne on Tripadvisor.



5 minutes are needed to cross the garden to get to the front door of the cafe – time to walk and take pictures, of course. You are gourmet style? No problem! The special point of this establishment is the cakes it sells to the unit, arranged in three fridges just at the entrance. Choose yours! 🍰


Phone : +66 84 616 1144

Open Every Day From 08AM30 to 08PM30


#5 The Barn Eatery and Design


The restaurant / café duo at Barn Eatery and Design make it the perfect place for all tastes. Rather trendy style, the interior is tastefully decorated and exposes various artistic pieces ranging from hand-drawn images and old calligraphy. The atmosphere is rather nice, with constant lively music in the background, and many local youth who have made their canteen.



Are you in the original style? No problem! True to its name, the Barn Eatery and Design is nothing but a … barn! … with lots of windows, we reassure you right away. Regarding the brunch itself, you can take the opportunity to personalize it with lots of rarely available additions such as soy milk, salted butter caramel or hazelnut syrup. Enjoy your meal !  😋


Phone : +66 94 049 0294

Open Every Day From 10AM to 01AM


#6 Vegan Heaven


His name will certainly have already rung a bell, the brunch of Vegan Heaven are … delicious. No, we carry you, they are obviously 100% vegans (besides being delicious)!


You are of varied style? No problem! A rich and international menu is proposed, so better saying that it is impossible for you not to find at least 5 different choices on which to hesitate.


Phone : +66 87 577 5444

Open Every Day From 09AM to 10PM


#7 Bird’s Nest Café


This small “bird’s nest” offers a rather original decor, perched in an old wooden house a little outside the square of Chiang Mai. Are you lazy mornings? No problem! Bird’s Nest is known for its cozy atmosphere with its comfortable sofas, its “home away from home” atmosphere … and its hammock! 🏡



If you’re still tired of getting up for a brunch, take advantage of the upper floor which offers board games and books … enough to wake you gently in front of a large cup of their specialty: Arabica coffee. Croissants, fruit juices, teas, you will find your happiness here.


Phone : +66 95 914 0265

Open Every Day From 08AM to 06PM EXCEPT Closed on Tuesdays







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