5 Secret places to discover as quickly as possible

The Kingdom of Siam has built a reputation on the tourism market and has become a major paradise destination over time. Thus, it is every year several millions of international tourists who trample its paradisiac beaches and its sacred temples. However, some places remain very discreet and relatively untouched. Notice to explorers, this article should please you. Here are 5 secret places to discover in Thailand.


Koh Kood & Its heavenly discretion

Koh Kood, in the Gulf of Thailand, offers the possibility of a long relaxing weekend not far from Bangkok. Only a few hours away, this island neglected tourists remains quiet, to the delight of the natives. The island presents, besides its beaches of fine sand, sublime tropical forests, waterfalls and fascinating mountains. A stay at Koh Kood will disorient you and relax you, for sure. Stay away from the pier and let yourself be carried away by your desires…

Mor Hin Khao & its English tunes

Mor Hin Khao is often credited with some English tunes, and for good reason! This place is nicknamed by locals and tourists “the Thai Stonehenge” The massive stones of the place have been naturally formed and come together to form a place of dreams and devoid of many tourists because few of them visit the North of the country.


Loei & its provincial mysteries

The city of Loei, in the province of the same name, does not leave indifferent those who go there: between delicious culinary specialities, welcoming and smiling natives, and surrounded by magnificent landscapes, the place is known by very few tourists who go through the province without taking the time to stop there. So take a few days to appreciate Loei and its wonders, you will not regret it.


Nong Khai & the discovery of Isaan

The region of Isaan seems to attract a few travellers, and it is a shame. This vast region, whose main activity is agriculture, also has many cultural treasures. with the Mekong crossing its rice fields, it is possible to discover many exceptional temples and wonders of vegetation. The city of Nong Khai is one of the nice places of fall to discover the Isaan. Discover its temples, its surrounding walks and its fascinating culture.


Chiang Kham & Northern culture

Chiang Kham is the perfect place for those wishing to discover the nature of the North of the country. Close to the Phu Sang National Park, it is possible to observe rare plants and animals in the heart of the park, as well as beautiful scenery and numerous waterfalls. The city also allows an opening on the northern culture and the many talents of this one. The area is breathtakingly beautiful, yet most tourists are confined to the south of the country and to the heavenly beaches.

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