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Thai Government Approved “Smart Visa”


"A plan to offer four-year visas to highly skilled professionals and investors was endorsed Friday by the Cabinet" The Thai government today approved the “Smart Visa” which will allow business professionals with their spouse and children to stay in Thailand for up to four years, no frequent check-ins at immigration. Holders...

Visa Information, Practical Guide


Get yourself prepared before going abroad. Discover the practical guide that will lead you to even an easier way to enjoy this Land of Smiles... Period of Validity Period of staying between the date of issue and entry in the country. Once the date of expiry of visa exceeds, it...

Get a 20-year visa when buying a property in Pattaya


One of the most appreciated resort destinations for both Thai and foreigners, especially for its atmosphere close to the beach, Pattaya also makes itself a marvellous place for those wishing to relocate in Thailand in the future. An Ideal Location Located in Pratumnak Hill district of Pattaya, this project offers...

Thailand’s Investor Visa change lures younger retirees


Thailand's estate agents are hailing the return of investment visas for expats under 50

Investor’s visa revived


Expats who retire before 50 now have another reason to feel smug - the Thai government has re-introduced a special visa to welcome them. Spending at least 10 million baht (about $295,000) in Thailand now earns an investor's visa - designed for those who do not intend to work in...

9 Good Reasons to Prefer Chiang Mai to Retire


A kind of desire to spend your retirement abroad, but a little doubt in your mind prevents you to do it? You are not sure about the country, the city, or simply … the life there? We did reassemble for you 9 Excellent Reasons to spend your retirement in Chiang...

“Special rates on Bangkok Airways flights”


"Special rates on Bangkok Airways flights with Samui residence card and VIP services to Thailand Elite members" Are you dreaming of a life on an exotic island in Thailand? Make your dream true... Expatriation to Koh Samui in Thailand is way easier than it seems. The government of Thailand launched...

Thailand Elite, Entering a World of Privileges


"Joining the Thailand Elite program to access an exclusive, and personalised service to make your stay in the Land of Smiles the most pleasant one" As part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the club membership gives every member the right to reside in the Kingdom with a visa privilege...

Pattaya: World Famous Destination


Pattaya: from a fishermen village to a world famous destination. Pattaya A small fishing village with a peaceful appearance, that totally changed its face during the 1960's. After the arrival of American soldiers stationed nearby Vietnam War. Thanks to its proximity to the former US military base, Pattaya quickly became...

The Difference Between Construction in Thailand Vs the USA


Construction is similar in Thailand when compared to the United States. New homes need permits before they can be constructed, similar construction practices are used during the building process of a home, and similar professionals work on Thai houses. With that said, there are some significant differences in the construction...