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Why “The Land of Smiles”?

Thailand is famous for its positive look as everyone seems to know how to give the most beautiful smiles at all time. When you come to Thailand, besides the delicious foods that attract you enormously you will often notice that Thai people are always in a good mood.

Despite this very attitude of the people in this such “amazing” country, there are meanings behind those smiles. Why Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles”, and why smile anyway?

With the admirable reputation for making life fun and easy-going, putting a smile on your face is a key point in keeping cool. But if you thought the Thai smile is simply, only, used to show a liking of something or someone, you’d be very much mistaken.

  • Greeting

Being considered as a polite way for greeting, Thais put a smile on their faces in order to say hello. No matter who the strangers are, along with “wai” smiling is the very first thing to show your respect and sincerity.

  • Shy

Thais are easily shy and whenever they feel like it, smiling can be the sweetest thing to do.

  • Keeping cool

Since smiling is a way to show politeness, and, of course, that demonstrates your background; Thais tend to keep smiling even when they do not know what to do or when things go wrong. This is another way to keep your look and to be accepted. For instance, when you speak to a Thai and he/she does not know how to respond, he/she would certainly smile to you. (How nice is that?)

  • Embarrassment

Instead of saying sorry directly, Thai charm begins by giving a shy or embarrassed look; illustrating that you are quite guilty but whatever happens, you should just smile… This culture, though, significantly shows how easy and enjoyable life should be. Why so serious, right!?

…..and many other meanings….


Known as the most welcoming smile, Thais can give you numerous surprises. Once visit “The Land of Smiles”, you will discover thousand meanings behind every smile; totally opposite to what you can expect in the West. Welcome to Thailand!


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