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Travel / Live with a ​​Pet in Thailand

“To be an expat in Bangkok, for me it is clear that you cannot leave your home country without your cat! If we want animals, we must assume every circumstance. At first I was afraid of the French administration but then everything is just simple when you arrive in Thailand… The animals are not even quarantined. During the flight, my cat was calm and was the darling of the entire row. It was a little hot in the first month with the tropical climate but then she has become used to it.” Young professional, Adrien, 24 years old.

What is the procedure?

  • Vaccines: only vaccine against rabies is mandatory. Your dog / cat must have been vaccinated at least 30 days before departure. The certificate of good health of your pet is required (in English), focus must be achieved 48 hours before flying.
  • Transportation: there are many companies like Turkish Airlines that allows small animals in the cabin. However, they must be less than 8kg. The price is on average of 25 euros/ kg and in the weight of the cage (take in a canvas, it will be lighter and more flexible). And if you want your pet to travel, it will be absolutely necessary, we will need their passport.

Tip: during flight remember to moisturize your pet by using a pipette. Note that you do not have the right to give her to eat.

  • Once you arrive in Thailand, you will have to head to the veterinary service. No worries, customs officers will not ask you to part with your pet but just fill out some papers. Once passed this first step; out of the airport, two lines will occur to you– “Nothing to Declare” and “Declare Something.” Go to the second line and prepare 1000 baht (25 euros) to declare your pet.

Can I rent an apartment with my pet?

Beware, most condominium owners do not accept the presence of cat or dog. The condominiums are furnished apartments and the owners are afraid that cats do their claws on the sofa or the dogs disturb the neighborhood. However, their presence is sometimes tolerated especially in some remote districts of Bangkok. But we prefer to tell you, we have to arm them with calmness and patience to negotiate and take into account your pet when you sign your contract!

Out with an animal in Bangkok:

You want to socialize or just stretch your dog’s paws? Large lawns, swimming pools, comfortable rooms equipped with webcams (so you can watch him from a distance); but also restaurants for dog grooming services, babysitter … Nothing is too good for your companion, Bangkok gives you even more! Here are some addresses that will be happy to help with our little four-legged friends.Capturetteee

THE BARKYARD BKK: Tel: 02-663-0126 – Address: 65 Sukhumvit Soi 26, 081-735-4666

PET’S TOWN: Tel: 081-818-2850 – Address 35-35 / 2 1 Sukhaphiban RdMODOG: Tel: 092-003-7995 – Address: Nusasiri village, Rama 2 Rd

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