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Sukhumvit 87 – A Residential Zone 3 Minutes Away From The Most Dynamic Areas!

SIAMESE – Sukhumvit 87; class and elegance – by the SIAMESE Group. Let yourself fall for one of the most expected condominiums in Bangkok. With their distinctive concept, their central location and their first-class amenities, SIAMESE – Sukhumvit 87 represent an investment opportunity for the crafty investors. Will you be part of it?



Siamese Sukhumvit 87 by Siamese Asset PLC is a group of unique and modern condominiums which has nothing to envy to the other real estate projects of the Thai capital. Let us introduce you this complex that swings between elegance and lifestyle.

SUKHUMVIT 87 – A calm area in a trendy district.


Sukhumvit 87 has a huge asset compared to their competitors – they are located in a calm residential zone and hidden from the city restlessness, BY being only 3 minutes away from one of the most dynamic and changing districts of Bangkok.

Indeed, this project is ideally located on the principal Sukhumvit Road, in the Onnut-Bangchack district, right in the heart of Bangkok. Little undeniable MORE for the families – the international Wells school is also part of the surroundings.


Onnut-Bangchack is well-known in the capital where its popularity didn’t stop increasing these past years and has finally become THE new trendy district of the city. Shopping malls, animated streets, restaurants and bars, a multicultural and warm environment has been rapidly built among the expats and international communities which set their home there.


  • 450 meters / 3 minutes away from On Nut and Bangchack BTS
  • 2 stations away from Ekamai and Thong Lo
  • Nearby Ram InthraAt Narong Expressway
  • Nearby Rama 4 Road and in line with the Business District of Silom-Sathorn
  • 90 meters away from Wells International School


SIAMESE – A developer whose reputation is not to be built anymore.


The great Siamese Asset Company Limited group is one of the main developers in Thailand with a dominant position in the condominiums market, in the Kingdom of Siam as well as in an international scale. In the course of their real estate projects, they have known how to impose themselves and to become leader thanks to their elegance and unique style.


They offer us – once more – a non-negligible opportunity with Siamese Sukhumvit 87 – the ultimate combination of a premium living mode and a valuable asset for a real estate investment in Bangkok.


DUPLEX = Double Space = Double You!


The Duplex appears very airy and spacious especially thanks to its high ceilings. In spite of the very large available space, you will rapidly feel home thanks to the astonishing design and to the facilities made to assist you daily. Your heart will swing between the good quality and fast rhythm of urban life.

  • 1 Bedroom – from 35.71 to 54.56 m – from 4,45 Million THB
  • 2 Bedrooms – from 66.31 to 81.23 m2 – from  7,8 Million THB
  • Penthouse – from 114.88 to 201.31 m2 – from  20,76 Million THB
  • Home Office – from 70.06 to 159.54 m2
  • Commerce – from 161.64 to 168.67 m2

Living Room



Price – 155,000 THB / m2

Bedrooms – 1 to 2

Bathrooms – 1 to 2


  • Air Conditioning
  • Kids Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool and Gardens
  • Fitness
  • Sauna and Spa
  • Parking



  • 1 Bedroom – from 35.71 to 54.56 m2 – from 4,45 Million THB
  • 2 Bedrooms – from 66.31 to 81.23 m2 – from  7,8 Million THB
  • Penthouse – from 114.88 to 201.31 m2 – from  20,76 Million THB
  • Home Office – from 70.06 to 159.54 m2
  • Commerce – from 161.64 to 168.67 m2


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