[Samui] The South and South West of Koh Samui; Namuang, Bangkao, Tongkrut, and Taling Ngnam

South and Southwest of Samui Island

The south / south west of Samui Island is a quieter area than the east coast. Nevertheless, it is full of natural tourist attractions. Many beaches and the most famous waterfalls are in this part of the island. Without the real urban center that would upset the tranquillity of the place, life takes place here in small villages and directly in hotels that are mostly close to the beaches. Residing on the west coast is guaranteed to have the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

Namuang Waterfall


On the road to Nathon west from Lamai Beach in the east, Namuang is located almost in the center-south of the island, surrounded by forests. Having no beaches, Namuang has two of the most beautiful waterfalls of the island for fans of swimming. It can be accessed by a path that starts from the road. Soon enough we arrive at the first one but you will have to walk a little longer to get to the second. The two waterfalls are fascinating. The efforts will be worth the glance!

Near the waterfalls, found a butterfly farm, a tree climbing park, and a Safari Park. Another surprising tourist attraction near Namuang is the mummified monk Luang Por Daeng. Though there be three on the island, it remains the most famous because of its very well preserved condition.Capturegrrrr

Bang Kao Beach


On the south coast of the island is Bangkao and its long beach. Less known than other beaches on the island, it remains pretty although a bit rocky in some places. The calmness and tranquillity are the hallmarks of the place and the main business can be summarized in hiking or wandering in idyllic nature.

The quiet Bangkao has attracted people who want a residential villa on the island.Capturegrrrsssss


Going from Bangkao to Tongkrut, we pass the south coast to the southern west coast. Tongkrut is mainly known as a small fishing port and a pier for those who want to visit Koh Samui.

The place is very typical with its small restaurants on the beach where you can enjoy freshly caught fish. Also note that Tongkrut is reputed to have one of the most beautiful sunset on the island.wwww

Taling Ngam Beach Samui

Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam is southern west coast of the island and has a long range. The southern part of Taling Ngam remains fairly wild and few hotels are located there because of the terrain that exists near the beach. The calmness of the southern part is ideal for walking along the beach or in nature. In contrast, northern Taling Ngam is provided with tourist complex including upscale hotels and resorts with Inter Continental Resort Samui, the Element Boutique Resort, and Ban Sabai Sunset Beach Resort and Spa. There is an excellent French restaurant in Taling Ngam.

The location of Taling Ngam on the west coast of the island allows the town to admire each evening a magnificent sunset over the sea. Close to the northern part of Taling Ngam, also found the port that Rajja Ferry operates flights daily to the mainland.wwrrbhh

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