SAMUI: What schools do we have for our children?

Beyond the tourists, Koh Samui attracts many expatriates thanks to its magnificent setting and the quality of life it offers. Structures have developed and are now efficient and in line with the needs of locals, expatriates and tourists.

Of course, among these structures, there are schools, various schools have opened their doors in recent years. At the same time, many international schools have sprung up and leave expatriates with a vast choice as to the education they wish to see their children taught. All these institutions are paying, they are currently very successful. 😀




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Jungle Samui is one of three schools in Thailand approved by the Ministry of National Education. Created by Alexandre and Kai, a Franco-Thai couple, in 2001, this establishment is a Francophone School Center open to students from 3 to 18 years, from kindergarten to the final year, through the primary.

Partner of AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), the school offers all children in the region, Francophone or not, schooling consistent with the requirements of French national programs. From kindergarten to the end of the year, students follow the programs and benefit from the objectives and organizational rules of the French education system, which enables them to return to normal schooling if they return to France or continue their studies at the university. foreigner after the baccalaureate. At the secondary level, registration at the “CNED” (Center for French Education Abroad) is mandatory.

In addition to the French curriculum, all students follow an intensive English learning program validated by the British Council. Other languages also taught are Thai, Spanish, German and Chinese. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm for primary school, and from 8:30 to 16:30 for Secondary School. On Wednesdays, students leave school at noon. An hour of study is offered in the evening to children who wish.

Being accredited by the ministry, Jungle Samui allows families to benefit from scholarships that cover all or part of the tuition fees (depending on family resources).






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This private institution, which has no grant, was created in 2013. The pedagogical team of qualified teachers provides throughout the school year the program of courses “PI” for primary classes and “CNED” for middle school and high school students. Classes taught in French take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 am to 5 pm and one hour of study is offered in the evening to children who wish. School outings are planned during the year to familiarize students with their environment and the local community.

Regarding the primary …

English classes are offered to students who wish and many activities are open to students (introduction to music, manual and sports activities). The evening duties are under the supervision of a teacher.

Regarding the secondary …

Pupils are supervised throughout the school year, not graduate teachers and are assessed in each subject through continuous supervision. In addition to the French program, students benefit from enhanced English classes. A Spanish teacher provides instruction for the second language from the 4th grade. A Thai teacher teaches Thai classes.

The following exams are held at the Lycée Français in Bangkok, students are of course accompanied by teachers throughout their stay:

–  Junior school certificate for the 3rd year class

– French advanced tests for the 1st class

High school diploma for the terminals





Tel : +66 (0)89 473 9393

or +66 (0)77 423802

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This school has been open to children in Samui and around the world since 2005 and teaches kindergarten, a primary and secondary school with English as their first language of instruction. The school has been recognized as the International Center of the University of Cambridge and therefore follows the Cambridge curriculum and exams.

All classes are run by qualified teachers who speak English. However, the importance of Thai culture and language are not neglected. Whether in first or second language, each student must attend Thai lessons with his Thai teacher.

With more than 25 classrooms, science labs, a fully equipped music room, a library, a networked computer room and three playgrounds as well as football and basketball courts, PanyaDee School strives to develop the intellectual, moral, physical, social and emotional potential of students.






Tel : +66 (0) 774 18 789

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Samui Center for Learning opened in 2004 and now has more than 250 students. With English as the first language of instruction, the school covers kindergarten, primary and secondary school. The school has been recognized as the International Center of the University of Cambridge and therefore follows the Cambridge curriculum and exams.

Despite its growth, SCL maintains its family atmosphere, individual learning methods and holistic teaching methods. The motto of the SCL International School which is “Educating the Mind, Feeding the Soul” is always respect.






Tel : + 66 (0) 7742 23 509

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The Lamai International School was opened in 2016. From kindergarten to high school through primary school, students follow a mixed curriculum combining Cambridge and UK National curricula.

Many extracurricular activities are offered, including English classes. In the case where a student does not speak or little English, “LIS” offers personalized English classes. Free English classes are also available on certain days of the week.

The school says its mission is to offer a holistic philosophy and nutrition program to help students thrive in three main areas: health, intellect and social skills.





Tel : + 66 (0) 774 845 48

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The Samui International School, founded in 2007, offers an internationally recognized level of education that follows the well-known British Independent School model. Covering kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, this school offers classes in English to more than 250 students from 35 different countries.

A comprehensive program of extracurricular activities and school excursions is offered to each student. Everything the school does is designed to make learning enjoyable and to give every child the opportunity to develop a sense of self-confidence. The school is community-centred, forward-looking, and enjoys an excellent reputation while having an independent British school ethos.






Tel : + 66 (0) 773 32 040

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The school “Oonrak Koh Samui” offers bilingual and international learning programs. The school consists of spacious classrooms, specialized “ESL” classes (to help students improve their level of English quickly), newly designed science labs and a library, as well as a computer room, a dance studio, a music room, a meditation room, an art room, a swimming pool and an outdoor playground for the little ones.

The first language of instruction is English. The school uses a wide range of curricula from Cambridge, the National Curriculum for England (UK) and the Thai Basic Education Program. A Thai class is taught daily.

For this school, it is important that students improve their skills, knowledge, and personal development in a happy environment to ensure that they will become confident in their future lives no matter where they are. The wide variety of extracurricular activities offered by the school is intended to foster students’ social and personal development, as well as health and well-being.

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