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Reasons Why Ekkamai Is The Hottest Neighborhood

 Ekkamai is notable for its superb places where you can dine, wine, and chill. Some of the best restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, and shopping malls are located in Ekkamai. And it has a standing for the hippest area in Bangkok. So, join your fellow Thai hipsters and get in on the cool, as we present a guide to Bangkok’s neighbourhood, Ekkamai.

Where to Shop/What to do:

Gateway Ekkamai Shopping Mall

The intention of Gateway Ekkamai Shopping Mall is to give a different choice of shopping that will make shoppers have a unique experience from all other cookie-cutter centres from one corner of Bangkok to another. The mall is the latest of its kind in Bangkok and it is premeditated to represent the urban Thai way of life willingly embraced with a blend of beauty and health shops, clothes stores, restaurants, a whole day supermarket, a big IT zone, and an entertainment centre. As far as dining is concerned, there are many restaurants available to provide tantalizing and tasty dishes for your delight. There are KFC and Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Shabushi, Subway, Swensen, and the Thai traditional food court to choose from when you want to eat out. Dazzling is on the second floor of the Gateway Shopping Mall. It is the place designed for Beauty and Health products. Are you seeking a place for Japanese herbal treatments or where to extend your eyelashes, Dazzling is the place to go.

Ekkamai is armed with some of the best second-hand shopping. Leather goods and incredibly cool shoes, you should head to (Un) FASHION Cafe, it is located just off Ekkamai Road.

Watch movie?

Here it is, Major Cineplex the movie theatre. Showing the latest international And Thai films. Or a little bit more exciting subject, ice skating at Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club. Not enough? Snow town is also located in Ekkamai, where you can do everything from the sledge to take selfies with a giant polar bear.


For those who simply need to be pampered for an hour or so, one of the most well-known spas in the city is found along Ekkamai Road. There are, of course, the usual onslaught of massage parlours found on every street corner or so. Those who visit Health Land, however, know they are going to receive excellent service.

Where to eat:

Ekkamai is chock full of delicious eats. In addition to plenty of choices, the eateries here tend to be affordable in comparison to other parts of town. In addition to the following restaurants, there are plenty of street-side vendors selling everything.

Here are some of the Restaurants and bars:
  • Sugar Ray
  • Hot Rod
  • Counting Sheep Corner Ekkamai


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